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Hearing the CEO of a company working on a free-to-play game say nice things about the free-to-play model shouldn’t come as that great of a surprise, even when he seems to be right.

Robot Entertainment CEO Patrick Hudson spoke to this week, saying that “resistance” to F2P is diminishing, though he admitted that it will probably never go away, due in part to there still being “a lot of crappy games with crappy free-to-play pricing models.”

Hudson obviously doesn’t think his company’s game, Orcs Must Die! Unchained, is “crappy,” but he doesn’t classify Robot Entertainment as a free-to-play developer. Rather, OMDU is a game developed by them that happens to be free-to-play.

As to his greater point, though, I have to agree. Like it or not, free-to-play is more respected and accepted, both by the people who make and who play games, than it ever has been, and there’s little reason to think that will change any time soon. The naysayers think free-to-play will die — or rather, they hope it will, despite the concept having no basis in reality and despite the wild success of League of Legends, Dota 2, World of Tanks, and others.


  1. As a fairly new gamer to PC (been playing PC for a year or so since I got rid of my XBOX 360) and a newbie when it comes to F2P gaming I have to say I’ve had a pretty decent amount of success with enough research on the game first before sitting there and downloading it just to be disappointed with it. I honestly love the F2P scene. Is it perfect? No. is it just as fun and just as entertaining as B2P or sub based games? Yes. But it does have its downsides B2P gaming has the solo gamer market on lock, I haven’t seen very many solo campaign free to play games with a great story, beginning to end. I think once they add that “resistance” really is futile.

  2. It’s hard to defend F2P games when the are so many awful games out there, but I think F2P is headed in the right direction, more and more games are adopting honest monetizing methods and the community understands that F2P stills needs to make money, there’s still a room to improve, but that can be said about B2P, and subscription based games too. Hopefully things continue to improve for gaming in general. I think F2P takes a lot of the heat when it comes to criticizing gaming, it always seems like the easiest side to attack from and it is in a way, but a lot of it is because when people think about F2P they think about all those shitty mobile and facebook apps that barely qualify as games.

  3. I am one of those who hopes F2P will die and will likely not change my view for a long, long time. Why? Well, get back to me when I DON’T have to dig through all the bad “F2P” games to find a half decent one. Digging through trash to occasionally find something decent is highly off-putting, plain and simple. I’m with Razer on this has a long, long way to go.

      • Oh rly? Name me ONE F2P mmorpg that isn’t either a) heavily based on its cash shop for unlocking nearly anything or b) isn’t a massive grindfest that pushes to sell you XP boosters or items to prevent gear breakage when refining.

        (you won’t be able to name one because all F2P MMORPGs fall into this)

        • You complain about pay to win, but you’re backing pay to play.

          Just think about that for a second. Oh and as for a great f2p game that doesn’t require any pay to win, Tera. That game is amazing, has about the same grind WoW does, and doesn’t require you to shell out 15 bucks a month to play.

          I get it. You’re afraid to make that leap because every subscription based MMO must be good, right? Where do you think half of the free to play market came from?

          I’d say about 40-50% of the free to play market out right now are MMO’s that have flopped horribly under a subscription based model and completely turned it around by going free to play.

          Biggest example of this is DC Universe Online. That game was sub based when it first came out, and it was doing horrible. No one wanted to play it for a subscription fee.

          They took that away, made it free to play, and charged for DLC. It’s now 4 years old. That is the perfect example of how successful the free to play model can be if done right, and there are other games out there that are free to play that are doing it right.

          Tera, Planetside 2, Hearthstone, heck even Heroes of the Storm, even in Alpha and Beta, are being craved by many and their cash shop models aren’t really that bad!

          Not only that but those are 4 completely different genres of mmo. MMORPG, MMO Card Game, MOBA, and MMOFPS.

          I’m not saying to change. If you want to enjoy sub based games, then be my guest. I’m just saying that there are better option out there that would save you a butt-ton of money and would still be fun to play, you just have to look and try them out.

          • I’m not “afraid to make the leap”, sir. The fact is most F2P are indeed ridiculously grindy and aim to sell you $hit you would not need if the game was P2P. I also laugh at your idea of saving money on F2P games..that is so asinine it borders absolute absurdity.

            You clearly do not understand the entire philosophy behind free to play..I suggest seriously googling the psychology of it before attempting to school me on this. The entire concept of F2P aims to milk more from its players than any P2P game would. This is not debatable unless you’ve been living under a rock, sir.

            Also your statement of “I complain about pay to win but support pay to play” is irrelevant–pure P2P games lack a cash shop (no one is talking about hybrid..that’s why they’re called hybrid and not P2P. The only pure P2P game *not B2P–do not make this mistake) that defies this is WoW) you cannot buy any boosts or anything of the sort because THERE IS NO AVENUE FOR IT.

            So that statement can be thrown right out as it is baseless conjecture. In a real P2P game there is no paying to win as there is no way to. F2P on the other hand..I don’t even need to go into this.

            The fact is you’ve proved nothing. Just because games seemingly cannot survive this day and age as P2P does not mean I do not support the idea of P2P. To the contrary I would still prefer a game that is strictly P2P because there are little to no avenues for imbalance via opening your damned wallet.

            P.S. If you’re going to play the “u mad”, “why so hostile” card I would suggest that you don’t..your opening statement began with quite the smartassed tone.

  4. Things are getting better, but we have a long way to go yet. Whenever someone condemns F2P gaming as a scam, I don’t blame them. Good F2P games are still few and far in between. Nobody should have to suffer this many crap games to find them.

  5. Based on my enjoyment of the Orcs Must Die 2, I will certainly give OMDU a run. In this regard, I will be playing a f2p title based on the strength of a paid title, but I have also played paid titles based on the strength of a f2p game. I pretty much look at the cash shop as soon as I conclude a tutorial for a f2p title and like what I’ve seen. It can be hit and miss, but some companies have created solid f2p models for players.


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