The wait for content is still going for players of Secret World Legends. But we shouldn’t have to wait much longer for one thing. Funcom has been teasing the upcoming Agent System for a while now, and finally they’ve given us a glimpse of how it will work.

Today, Funcom Community Manager Andy Benditt dropped a short video explaining the basics of the system onto the game’s Facebook page. Players of other MMOs might find the system a bit familiar, as it allows players to recruit NPCs by obtaining items known as Agent Dossiers. When clicked, the dossiers will display information about a particular NPC, including a bio, stats, and special traits.

It also provides information on what are known as “Agent Support Abilities” which grant passive abilities to the player’s character. Each Agent has two of these passive abilities and players can equip three players’ worth for a total of six passive buffs.

As with other MMOs that have similar systems, these Agents can be sent off to complete random tasks in order to level up and earn rewards that they bring back to you. These rewards include anima shard and distillates.

Unfortunately the video did not specify exactly when we’ll be seeing this new content. So far we just have the standard “soon”.

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