War Thunder Trauma Pack

On the surface, it seemed like a good idea: a new consumable for War Thunder, Trauma Pack, which would automatically revive an injured or incapacitated tank crewman. Nothing’s more frustrating than hearing that your loader is dead as your crew scrambles to get a shell stuffed into the main gun for what seems like an eternity, so having a vital way to get those crew members back seemed like a good idea. Trauma Packs were intended for inclusion in the upcoming Update 1.59, codenamed Flaming Arrows.

“Not so fast,” said players, who raised multiple issues with the implementation of Trauma Packs, even if they agreed with the overall concept. Automatic activation removed strategy and made it virtually impossible to take out a tank’s entire crew. The “research grind” to get to the near-essential Trauma Packs was also seen as excessive, and some players took issue with the “necromantic” concept of reviving a dead crew member.

As a result, Gaijin Entertainment has done something you rarely see developers do, and that’s admit the mistake and remove the Trauma Packs from the scheduled update to send back to the dev team for revisions. As stated in an update on the bottom of the Trauma Pack announcement page:

There are already multiple ideas in internal discussion also based on your suggestions, and we’ll be happy to hear your feedback once again as soon as we have more information to share. We’d like to thank everyone who took his time to leave his constructive feedback on the topic! Be invited to leave your further ideas and suggestions in the respective areas.

So, good job, Gaijin! Thanks for dealing swiftly with the “Trauma Drama” and restoring our faith in developers and their ability to listen to player feedback — at least until the next time we need to film a F2P Police episode.

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  1. Yes, gj.
    This is how you gain your players trust and love.
    Make sure not to lose what you have gained today gaijin, losing trust is always easier.


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