It’s time to storm the beaches in Enlisted, as Darkflow Sofware and Gaijin Entertainment’s F2P WW2 shooter hits open beta today on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Enlisted encompasses multiple campaigns, consisting of dozens of missions, locations, and game modes. Two of the campaigns, Battle of Moscow and Invasion of Normandy, are currently available in the beta.

In Enlisted, you’ll control a squadron of soldiers — foot infantry or a plane or tank crew — and engage in objective-based battles. You can customize your squads to fill various roles, and there are currently 115 weapons in the game, running the gamut from basic rifles and grenades to mortars, flame throwers, and land mines.

There are 32 vehicles, and all tech is authentic to its era and the nation that used it, depending on the campaign. The open beta will also see the implementation of new missions, including one in a fortified district of Moscow, where a blizzard can strike without notice.

The battle pass for the open beta runs for 75 days and will include 60 levels of rewards for free and paid players. These include two special Golden supply orders, which let you select a 5th rank soldier and rare weapon. In other monetization news, Gaijin has made changes to how premium squads work, “lowering the overall advantages of these squads so they are not drastically better than the regular squads even after long training and progress.”

Learn more about the game, and download and play the open beta, on the Enlisted website.


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