The teaser trailer for Bigpoint’s Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms has debuted at San Diego Comic Con this week. The upcoming free-to-play browser-based MMORPG is based on the hit television show, Game of Thrones, in partnership with HBO.

The game will be set within the fictional medieval world of Westeros and its Seven Kingdoms, and will allow players to experience epic moments from the television series – slated for early 2013.


  1. Just fyi, for those of you wondering why this game is browser based; I can almost guarantee you that this is browser based in an attempt to appeal to a more mainstream audience. It means that the kids and techno-retarded teens and adults who don’t normally play mmos are the target audience. When this game launches and the ads start popping up, their target response is “Wait, I love game of thrones… and you’re telling me I can play it through internet explorer(or possibly AOL)? Thank god, I hate installing those big games that take up all 8 gb of memory on my hard drive. This is gonna be great, I mean look at those graphics, they’re so much better than all the facebook games I’ve been playing.”
    If you see that it supports social media like facebook or twitter, GG.

    • It’s a browser game, what do you expect. 😛

      It actually looks quite a bit better than most browser games I’ve seen, IMO.

  2. all characters will be generic .. none of the actual ones from the film will be available – U can just make them look similar ..


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