“Dear Bobby,

I wanted to congratulate you on taking your first big step to join the Free2Play® revolution. I was excited to read about World of Warcraft going Free2Play for the first 20 levels in the gaming media today. Having created this market in the western hemisphere, it’s very encouraging for us to see the last bastion of the subscription-only online gaming business joining the Free2Play movement.

As both your neighbor in Irvine, California, and fellow publisher in the gaming community, I wanted to extend our friendship and support in this challenging transition. While the steps you have taken are a great start, we do understand that this is a massive change, but we guarantee that this decision is in the best interest of the gaming community. We can only hope you will consider the same for your other great products like Starcraft, Diablo and Call of Duty, as our office staff would be delighted to enjoy those great game properties for free as well.

Given our recent success in reviving APB Reloaded, which launched as a subscription-based game we transitioned to Free2Play, we know that the first steps are often the hardest. But the proof is in the metrics, as APB now has more than three times the active player base than when it initially launched as a subscription product. We also plan to repeat this success with Fallen Earth.

After championing the cause of taking games Free2Play for nearly a decade it feels great to welcome you and the Activision team to the club. Feel free to drop by the next time you’re visiting Blizzard Entertainment in Irvine, and I also look forward to seeing you at the Free2Play party at this year’s Gamescom in Koln.

Best regards,
Joshua Hong
CEO, GamersFirst”


  1. Once people stop trying to copy the WoW formula of holy-trinity gameplay and quest hubs, will we see an advancement in the MMO structure.

    One game I have my eye on to do this is ArcheAge Online, perhaps the first AAA sandpark to come around. Stay on the rails if you want to, or take off and do your own thing, which encompasses ALOT. Build houses, boats, sail the seas, pirate battles, etc etc. Not to mention everything of decent worth is player crafted.

  2. LET WOW BE FREE TO PLAY i think they will get more people to join and i think this trial is just the beginning to an expirement to free to play movement for wow

  3. i doubt activision has anything to do with this, there more focused on sucking $20 from us each shobby map pack there under skilled and staffed studios produce. I mean they sued they’re own company, how dumb can you get.? anyway. enough of my babling, enjoy your 20 levels of half freedom!

  4. Look guys, just shut up! -_- I am a WoW fan and all, but I find it pathetic that you guys are arguing over a freakin’ computer game!

    • It is if the game allows you to play forever for free. Which it does. While some may be locked out they can still run the lvl 1 to 20 events for as long as they like. It’s not like you’re stuck in the tutorial or anything.

      So it’s not a demo. It’s a F2P MMORPG.

  5. god , because wow is going f2p will exist lots of no lifers , I don’t understand whats so nice at that game , has the worst graphics ever and 0% connection with reality

  6. Anybody whos anybody will realise how much money there is to be made with going free to play just ask Aeriagames lmao

  7. I have an inkling that he’s being really Really REALLY sarcastic. Bragging about APB’s transitional success, an invitation to the sure to be fictional Free2Play party? Josh isn’t really congratulating Bobby, he’s pointing and laughing.

  8. Heh, congratulating Kotick? Please, like that fat sack has any influence in Blizzard, it’s still independent and retains its original staff, that was the deal.
    Joshua Hong is kissing the wrong ass.

    • not really since you do get to play the number 1 MMORPG thats been number 1 on charts for years and unlike other games WoW is actually made easy and simple unlike perfect worlds stupid complexity in all their games

      i mean blizzard is a billion/trillion dollar company with diablo being at the top of RPGs and the number 1 dungeon crawler and starcraft being 1 of the best RTS games same with warcraft-warcraft 3 and then theres world of warcraft where all the real money comes in

      they most likely have enough money to have the entire world of warcraft free completely and can leave only 3 servers up until they all retire or more servers

      i really dont get why people are complaining about the extended trials rather then how free players will get treated like crap like in global agenda and a few other games

      blizzard isnt microsoft but then again they are also now part of activision and activision will definitly will nickle and dime you for every simple thing and cut content out on their games purposely for getting even MORE money

      let WoW die the death it deserves for being greatness since everybody knows WoW wont even be whispered when old republic comes out 😛 and if old republic is free to play….all other mmos will die unless somebody just being a fanboy to their mmo

      im not a blizzard fanboy 😛 i just know my video games

        • something wrong in my post besides my lack of punctuation and grammar? .-. or the bad usage of smilies?

          dotdabayou or not but world of warcraft was/is the current top mmo

          and its most likely made more money then all the other mmos

          personally i didnt like much of the new updates on WoW after using my free week they sent me since i havnt played in idk maybe 2-3 years

          say what you want about warcraft but the 11 million players most likely wouldnt all lie would they?

          and if you think im wrong about old republic taking over lol it will take over with a easy victory

          i mean i know people said stuff about rift but i played rift and it was nothing but people complaining about WoW,blizzard,other mmos

          i dont play a mmo that isnt warcraft to talk about warcraft otherwise id play warcraft!

          personally i like to play lots and lots of games .-. in 1 week i tried out all of ijjis games and ive tried out several other games

          warcraft is just the easiest out of all the mmos ive played and even tho people say the graphics suck i actually like the cartoony style graphics because they are SUPPOUS to be that way T.T warcraft would just be boring if the graphics were serious like rift or guild wars

          lol i forgot i was replying to somebody 😀 ohai mrs guy person thing!!

          • “after using my free week they sent me since i havnt played in idk maybe 2-3 years”

            That’s the thing. Blizzard shouts to the four winds it has that many million players. Sure, it probably does. But how many actually are gold/item farmers or use the game as simply a social hub (for whatever reason)?

            Really, the game had its blast, but then it carried on inertia after that. They toss an update/expansion, people pay a sub, play it, see the content, go “meh” and leave the game to rot again until the next one.

            Only reason WoW isn’t dead is because they haven’t shut down the servers. Only the hardcore of the hardcore WoW players actually go through paying sub after sub to raid and raid, and oh, raid and gather more and more points through infinite grind to get a gear that will get replaced in the next 3 months with the next update.

            WoW turned from an innovative mix of other MMOs to the worst kind of korean grind fest. But hey, since the grind was added in small bits, players seem to have failed to notice that all they do is grind over and over for crap that won’t last them for longer then a blink.

            And SW:TOR? Really? Have you seen the gameplay videos? If thats what I’ve been waiting for for this many years, I would rather they just fixed SWG to it’s luster. On rails flight missions (So could see Rebel Assault 1 or 2 there…), crappy skill effects, lame animations and hope to have all that shun by Mass Effect dialogue system? Thanks, I’ll pass. No wonder they don’t want to do OBT. People would flock away.

          • in reply to TioZ since the reply button isnt there .-. yea WoW has gold farmers but not as much as some of these f2p games ive played lol and yes SW:TOR looks awesome

            ive seen ALL the gameplay videos,trailers,cinematics,

            SWG i didnt like very much

            it seemed more like a virtual life then a video game that you just play,beat,get a new game 😛 and i already have a life so why would i need another?

            😛 ill end up peeing myself if it doesnt come out soon

            just imagine all the success of WoW and more put into a mmorpg for star wars! and its prolly gonna be a mix of global agenda and WoW in gameplay from what ive read,watched,and heard

            its your opinion ^.^ but personally if your trying to diss TOR for its AWESOME gameplay and the fact that it has actual space travel instead of just loading to a new area and that its skills are awesome enough to pull rocks outta the ground and fire them with the force like bullets at enemys and the awesomely awesome animations and they dont need to do OBT 😛 it would spoil all the fun

            lets not forget…..THEY HAS THE ENTIRE WOOKIEE LANGUAGE UNDER LANGUAGE SELECT! and they gonna has PvEvP and other stufffff

            i find ur comment meaaaaaan because now you got me all excited and the game doesnt come out until later this year :{

      • What quickman wanted to point out was a few things:
        1. Blizzard is not a part of Activision, they’re both part of Vivendi and Blizzard is allowed its independence.
        2. Old Republic is not even out yet, Old Republic is a sci-fi game, Old Republic is not groundbreaking (I’ve played it). WoW is a fantasy mmorpg, in case you don’t know.
        3. You neither know your companies or your games.

        • been awhile since ive heard the name vivendi lol and yea i dont know my companys 😛 but i do know my games since thats mostly the only thing i do

          and yea i know old republic is a sci-fi game and that WoW is a fantasy game .-. but they are both mmorpgs so they get put in mmorpgs as their genre

          i really dont care about your opinions :l seriously either bring back the words of god saying old republic sucks or i really wont bother i mean i actually liked games like viking: battle for asgard and shadowrun on 360 and legendary even tho the developers LIED about nearly everything

          and then ive played highly popular and high rated games and most of them i thought were overrated like FF7,ME2,cod:bo

          and personally i dont really care much about the trial going extended to a demo but they gotta do something to survive

          i also noticed that quickman must not be able to support his own statements in this debate if hes gone quiet and needs multiple people to help him out like hes some kind of deaf,blind,dwarf vegetable

          i mean i come to mmobomb to look for games other then WoW yet it just seems like everybody cant stop talking about it even if they love it or hate it ^.^

          • quickman doesn’t bother with imbeciles. I however thought you’d actually figure out that one game has nothing to do with the other and will have a completely different fanbase. I also don’t like FF, COD, Halo and tons of other games, I’m not however going to say that they suck just because I don’t like them, I’m sure they have strong points, I just don’t like the games for my own tastes. I’m a big fan of WoW, I’ve been playing it for years and come back year after year, if it goes free, I will not play it anymore. quickman has a point, some games should stay p2p.
            And Old Republic will come out, I’m sure you’ll be most impressed and love the game, however that will not make it the best mmorpg out there because your opinion and facts are not even on the same world.

          • again in reply to nox since the reply button isnt there…. im not a imbecile im a stubborn badger

            and i agree WoW should stay p2p

            and yes i know my opinions and facts arent the same lol thats like my friend trying to say i think that im god when im not

            my way of thinking is completely on a different level then average humans .-. and i am nowhere near that of god

            and my opinions dont mean anything really :l altho i do prefer to play a game before trying to review it

            and i dont find most things ” completely different ” because i connect things together to make them almost the same .-. you see how ive already managed to bring god into a conversation about old republic and blizzard?

            i can easily link the games mass effect 2 to warcraft 2 but will it make sense to average or below average people? .-. most likely not…because you see my thinking is just to complex and im terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible at explaining most things so it will end up as common jibberish

            the longest ive gone in a conversation on a comment list was 3 months .-. lol and it was on youtube and about how alliance is worthless and horde still dominates without breaking a sweat or hot pocket

            i could understand not liking cod and halo but not liking any of the final fantasy games? chmon theres gotta be at least 1 character or plot part that you liked lol or even a idea from it like the idea of blue mages

            people that use their enemys abilitys against them

            most likely after this comment my replies will get a wee bit delayed since i bought both lost planet games yesterday and for some reason cant stop playing

            and for the record i really dont like this world much anyway 😛 why should i when everywhere i look i see hatred,crime,sadness, and pain

            too many blood vessels bursted in my eyes so i can barely see any happyness and can barely make my own lol

          • Yeah, Horde, Alteric Valley(sp?), Alliance goes boom.
            You know we have a forum, it’s a nice forum, it’s shiny and forum-like. You can join discussions there instead of comment pages and all, just saying.
            Well sure, I can link WoW to Need For Speed, it’s just a weird logic which escapes most people who are…normal and all.

            I think I don’t like FF is because of all the ports and there are TONS of jrpg’s that are quite a bit more cool and difficult that I, personally, like.

            And…ok, that whole world bit was random, but I agree.

        • so what if old republic will suck? its a game me and my friends will finally be able to play together

          because i got 1 friend that likes sci-fi only yet doesnt like most sci-fi things

          i got another friend that is a PC worshipper he makes happy tissues about computer parts and claims hes not a PC fanboy when he clearly is lol

          i got another friend that will try to say the opposite of whatever i say because he thinks im wrong but im usually right .-.

          i has another friend that will also play with us

          i has my uncle ( hes not very older then me lol ) and his friends and internet friends on their own guild planning on playing and ganking my brother

          my pet dogs also plan on playing but they want to see if theres gonna be a awesome expansion and if theres wookiees as playable races


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