, the Internet conglomerate that operates My.Games, announced its 2020 third-quarter financial results today. While the company wasn’t quite as flush with cash and new users due to COVID-19 lockdowns as it was earlier in the year, it was still a good quarter, and will “expect FY 2020 MMO Games revenue growth of around 30%.”

Specifically, My.Games revenue in Q3 rose 32.8% as compared to the same quarter in 2019, accounting for 40% of the overall revenue in that time frame. 75% of that revenue came from mobile titles; 76% of all gaming revenue came from outside Russia.

On PCs and consoles, Warface remains strong, with 3.3 million registered players on Switch since its surprise launch in February. The game is a “top-3 revenue generator,” which means that it’s behind at least one or two of the company’s mobile games, further showcasing how even a huge PC/console title is routinely dwarfed these days by mobile hits.

Conqueror’s Blade has 2.7 million registered players and brought in about $1 million per month. The only notes about Skyforge mention its 12 million registered players and its upcoming launch on Switch. As for Lost Ark — developed by Smilegate and published by My.Games in the Russia/CIS region — it has 2.2 million registered players in that territory. As always, remember that “registered players” is simply the number of people who have ever signed up for an account, and not a measure of active players at any time.

You can check out the Q3 2020 financial statement in full here.


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