The My.Games portfolio of games continues to rake in the rubles for its corporate overlord, Russian tech giant The company’s Q1 2021 financial report indicated a 42.2% year-over-year increase in revenue, meaning that the games business increased nearly half from the first quarter of 2020 to the first quarter of 2021, continuing the trend that’s been seen throughout the past year. Overall, the games segment accounted for 39% of’s revenue in Q1 2021, up from 35% a year ago. That’s 11 billion rubles, or about $149 million.

98% of My.Games’ revenue came from free-to-play games, with mobile games accounting for 78% of that. Conqueror’s Blade was mentioned as one of “the main contributors in MY.GAMES revenue YoY growth in Q1 2021.” That’s easy enough to see when you look at the game’s growth on Steam from one year ago to now, going from 1,633 average players in February 2020 to 6,292 in April 2021.

Overall, My.Games counted 22.7 million monthly average users across all its titles, “4.8% share of paying monthly users versus 4.4% in Q1 2020.” We think that means 4.8% of the free players were monetized, but decided to include the whole quote just to be sure. 79% of revenue came from outside Russia and the CIS, mainly from the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Total accounts created to date for various games include 114 million for Warface, 3.1 million for Conqueror’s Blade, and 12 million for Skyforge. It’s worth noting that Armored Warfare is not mentioned anywhere in the report.

You can read the Q1 2021 financial report here.


  1. I really wonder who’s spending all this money. And who is making these new accounts. These games are not worth anyone’s time or especially their money.

    • Probably Russians. I don’t know many Westerners who like MY.COM’s games, they are all pretty bad. Warface for example has horrible servers, P2W and after you pass some 20 levels, you can’t find people for matchmaking.

      From their MMORPGs, I have played Revelation Online and Skyforge and both are below mediocre.


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