Free stuff abounds in a trio of My.Games’ products in this month’s “Ready Player Sun” event — which, you have to admit, is a clever way to title your summer-themed celebration. Players of Conqueror’s Blade, Skyforge, and Revelation Online can enjoy Premium time, XP boosts, bonus currency, login gifts, and sales over the next several days as an alternative to, you know, actually going outside. Hey, it’s hot out there, and there’s that other thing going on, too.

The high-level overview of each game’s giveaways can be found on this page, and they’re basically the same across all three categories. You can get the fuller details for each day’s giveaways on the games’ individual sites: Conqueror’s Blade, which runs through Aug. 18; Skyforge, through Aug. 31; and Revelation Online, also through the 31st.


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