Now that Gamigo and the Eden Reforestation Project’s charity effort to plant a large number of trees has come to an end, the publisher has announced that it’s been rather successful and that 111,111 trees will be planted. The amount of trees bought by package purchases actually amounts to around 94,000 trees, but gamgio pitched in enough to bring the total up to the final number.

During the campaign, players of gamigo’s were able to purchase game packs for their game of choice ranging in price from $2 to $20. Each dollar spent was worth one tree being planted — which means that players effectively contributed more than $94,000 to the effort.

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  1. lol, Urthemiel, maybe if that’s how you see it, but, life itself is worth a try and if 100,000 trees fall today at least some are being planted for future idiots to see what they missed.

  2. Won’t fix global warming with trees.
    Covid stalled it well, but humans are too dumb to take a hint.
    Before long we’ll be back where we started, merrily heading towards our extinction.


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