gamigo's Second New MMORPG Teaser Offers A Sliver Of Hope

And giant cat-men!

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gamigo Eclipse 2

The eclipse draws ever closer as gamigo continues to tease its upcoming MMO. There's a new video, which follows the same format as the first -- narration of a tale with a slow-moving eclipse as visuals -- and its title is "Chapter II: A Sliver of Hope." Seeing as how the last one was about demons killing everything and everyone, I think we could all do with some hope. Let's give it a listen!

This one picks up where the last one left off, only from the perspective of the mother of the family that was butchered in the previous installment. This time, she has a companion, a large but friendly feline creature who takes her from the massacre and to his village. He hands her a freshly forged knife just in time for more demons to arrive ... and that's where this chapter of the story ends.

As was the case when the previous chapter was released, gamigo has altered its Twitter name, this time to "A New Journey Awaits!" As with last week's "New MMO Coming Soon!" the name could mean just about anything -- every MMO is a journey, after all -- but hey, giant cat-creatures sound like they could make for cool PCs, right?

Too bad there don't appear to be any in the Sundered Crown Saga as Q and Mike speculated. That said, gamigo also changed its Twitter picture away from the shadowy character and now uses the previously released book image. Interestingly, on the bio page for The Sundered Crown character Luxon, the lead image (which was the shadowy figure that was gamigo's Twitter pic) has also been changed. Yes, a blog post from 2014 just changed its lead image. Weird, huh?

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