It doesn’t seem that long since Genshin Impact‘s Version 1.2 update came out, adding an all-new area to the game, but apparently it’s been long enough that players should prepare for the next wave of content. In fact, miHoYo has already laid out the date for Version 1.3.

Players can expect this new version and all it entails on February 3rd, when the first of the game’s annual Lantern Rite events kick off. The update, titled “All That Glitters,” adds the Yakshu Adeptus Xiao as a playable character, introduces new types of gameplay, and drops in some new monsters with which to contend. miHoYo offered players a look at all these things in their second Special Program.

For those who may not remember Xiao off the top of their head, he’s the one human-looking adepts that likes tofu and hangs out around Wangshu Inn. Xiao adds to the lineup of polearm using characters and is the game’s first Anemo polearm user. He also features some unique abilities, like a special plunging attack that allows him to drop from any height without receiving damage. Of course, the higher he drops from, the more damage he causes to his enemies.

Of course, a new character means a new character story, and any player wanting to take part in the Lantern Rite will need to complete Xiao’s story first. This quest line will be available to any players with an Adventure Rank of at least 23 and without the need of a Story Key during the event. Once the event is over, the AR requirement increases to 32 and a key will be necessary.

As for the Lantern Rite event, there’s a lot going on. First off, players will recieve up to 10 Intertwined Fates and more than 1,600 Primogems for completing tasks during the event, and there are plenty of opportunities. Players will also be able to pick up one of Liyue’s 4-star characters during the Lantern Rite. There are six characters in total to choose from. So choose carefully.

The event itself consists of three stages. To progress through these stages, players will need to complete quests from the Lantern Rite Tales and raise “Festive Fever”. When they meet the Festive Fever requirements the next stage unlocks. As stages unlock, items will also be added to the event market.

The event also introduces a new type of gameplay that’s a bit like a tower defense game combined with regular Genshin Impact combat. Titled “Theater Mechanicus”, this new mode tasks players with deploying Mechanichi on a grid map in order to use them to fight monsters. Theater Mechanicus can be played in single-player or co-op and will reward players with a special currency used to upgrade or unlock mechanichi. Beating a game of Theater Mechanicus will earn players “Peace Talismans” to spend in the event store.

Speaking of co-op, two new events add new ways for players to interact with their friends. The first is Five Flushes of Fortune, which tasks players with taking pictures of specific things using the Kurious Kamera. These images are requested by Ji Tang who will reward players with random photos of different colors. Players need to collect five photos, each with different colors, and exchange them for a Fortune Trove. Since the photos are random, there is a chance players will receive more of one color than another and they may need to trade with friends in order to complete sets.

The other co-op-ish event introduces a new type of expedition. The event has players tracking down Geovishaps by sending characters on expeditions to hunt for them. Unlike normal expeditions, players will send out groups of characters to hunt these guys down. They can send teams of four of their characters, with each character added increasing the possibility of bonus rewards. An additional character can also be added by recruiting a friend’s character.

This doesn’t mean that players won’t actually be fighting the Geovishaps in real time. As they play, they’ll unlock “On the Hunt” challenges where they must take on the beasts in the usual way. Oh, and a Primo Geovishop has been added as a boss in Teyvat.

The update also adds more quality of life changes. These include updates to the profile card that displays achievement and Spiral Abyss stats as well as the ability to add eight of the players characters to it in order to show them off to others. Perhaps most notable are additions that allows players to convert ascension materials.

As noted above, the full rundown on all of this is available in the latest Special Program stream. It’s also worth noting that during the stream, three codes for various goodies (mostly Primogems) were offered to players. You will need to grab them by the end of the day today by entering them on the Genshin Impact site. We’ve included the codes below.

Also worth noting is that the Genshin Impact team announced two events not related to the upcoming update. The first started today: Slime Paradise. During this event, players purchase decorations and arrange them in the Slime Paradise park. These decorations will attract slimes and monsters. You’re not really out to kill these guys. Instead, complete tasks and get tickets. Use said tickets to fill the park with items and attract monsters that will gift you with tickets. Tickets can also be exchanged for Primogems, Mora, and more… which is obviously why you want a lot of them.

The other event begins tomorrow. This one’s familiar by now. The Marvelous Merchandise event is back. and will remain until January 30. So, get ready to get all the goodies you can while it’s here.


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