One of the things teased during Genshin Impact‘s last stream that has yet to arrive is the first character from the nation of Inazuma, the Ronin Kaedehara Kazuha. A fugitive from his own nation because he refused to give up his Vision, Kazuha uses the power of Anemo to both support his friends and destroy his enemies.

Kazuha uses a sword in combat and his abilities make use of both it and the wind, creating special AoEs that can suck the enemy into range and throw them into the air, while lifting him up as well so he can slam back down with his sword, dealing even more damage. In fact, a lot of his abilities focus on Plunging Attacks using his sword. Then there’s the Kazuha Slash, which deals AoE Anemo damage and leaves behind a field that continues to dole out damage to opponents within range.

The lone Ronin is currently living on Beidou’s ship, an outcast from his own nation. While we don’t know all of his story yet, it looks like his appearance will be the first steps to making our way to the closed off nation of Inazuma. It also seems likely that he’ll be making an appearance within the next week, because miHoYo dropped both his character overview and a character trailer last night. So, he should be headed our way soon.

Since Kazuha’s arrival is just around the corner, miHoYo has also kicked off another of those cute web-based events that reward players with in-game items for logging in and doing a few things each day. In The Distant Voyage event, players help Kaedehara Kazuha built a boat. The boat consists of 9 parts with players able to build three parts during each stage of the event. This really translates to three a day, as each part requires a crafting attempt and players can only get a max of three attempts per day — one freebie and two from doing things like sharing the link or visiting a Genshin Impact-related page.

Once all the parts are done and the boat is crafted, players will receive rewards, provided they are at least Adventure Rank 10. (If not the items will still be delivered to them in-game once they reach AR10.

Players have plenty of time to complete the event and get their items, as it lasts until July 3rd.

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