So, y’all know that game everyone’s been talking about, the pretty anime-styled not-really-an-MMO-but-it’s-online-and-you-can-co-op game? Yeah, Genshin Impact. Well, according to a recent article on PC Gamer, that game is doing pretty well on the money side of things. In fact, the game has apparently made more than $100 million USD, and that’s in less than two weeks. According to the article, that amount is pretty much what was spent on making the game. So, they may have actually crossed over into the making money portion of running a game.

Of course, the game does still have other expenses. There are five other regions left to add to the map. That means new art, new programming, new characters and voice acting, etc. Plus there is the general cost of running game servers to consider. Still, if they’ve managed to rake in that much in the first two weeks — and if things stay steady — miHoYo should be doing okay with the game.

All that aside, it would be interesting to see a breakdown of how players are spending their money in the game. Between the blessings, the battle pass, and the general gacha mechanics, there are plenty of options.

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  1. i dunno about anyone else, but specifically i spent…. what is it… 180$ now? on the battle pass specifically for the weapon (which i got… s’pretty neat.), the blessing because you basically make more in freemium currency than you would get buying gems, and then i used the rest of it on wish pulls for new characters.


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