Genshin Impact Sumeru Preview Teaser 3 Offers Details On The Nature’s Culture And People

In Sumeru, knowledge is a resource.

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Genshin Impact Sumeru Preview Three

Yet another Sumeru preview teaser has dropped, offering Genshin Impact players more information on what the next nation to be added to the game will be like. Sumeru’s an interesting place. Focused on wisdom and knowledge, Sumeru and its governing organization, the Akademiya, use the Akasha system provided by the previous Dendro Archon to treat them as a resource. One trait that brings most people in Sumeru together is that they don’t dream – particularly once they reach adulthood. While this might be seen as a sad thing in places like Mondstadt, in Sumeru it’s something the people are proud of as they believe it to be a sign of their innate wisdom.

As for the physical traits of the nation, the landscape is of two primary types; humid rainforest and dry desert. The rainforests are so moist that a type of creature known as Shroom-Kin have made it their home. We’re not talking about creatures that are just walking mushrooms, but rather creatures of all types that evolved from the original Shroom-Kin. Some of them are known as Fungi. These are much more animal-like and definitely dangerous.

The new zone will introduce another new faction to the game. Known as Eremites, this faction is made up of people whose ancestors were part of an ancient desert civilization. They’re more or less free agents, without official ties to any nation and function as mercenaries.

Like other nations in Genshin Impact, Sumeru has a long and sometimes dark history. Players will run across relics from this long past in the form of ancient machines buried in the desert sand. Like their counterparts, the relics guard ancient secrets long lost to those living there now, waiting for the Traveler to uncover them. Of course, the Traveler has to get past them and the creatures that have been mutated by them. The Eremites might be of some help here, seeing as their legacy extends to the ancient civilization.

Of course, traveling to a new land means making new friends (and enemies). The list of new people players will meet includes a researcher and forest watcher named Tighnari, a member of the Akademiya named Alhaitham, Dehya of the Desertfolk, the performer Nilou, and a mysterious girl named Nahida. All of these characters can be seen in the trailer below.

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