German Battleships Take To The Seas In World of Warships

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

While maybe not as famous as their U-boat cousins, Germany's WW2 battleships were formidable fighters -- and now they can be yours in World of Warships, with Update 0.5.10, which just went live today.

Germany's eight battleships range from Tier III to Tier X, and include plenty of guns and armor while being surprisingly agile and well-armored. The new update also hands out more info in the post-battle report as well as ship destruction notifications. To help with balance, ships in a division can differ by no more than one level, while two maps -- Faultline and Two Brothers -- received visual improvements.

Check out the video above for the summary of all of Update 0.5.10's changes, or check out the patch notes on the WoWS page. As an added bonus, here's a video showing off the German battleships in action:

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