Starting tomorrow — May 23rd — and running through Saturday May 25th, CCP Games is offering a chance for MMO fans to pick up the EVE Online: Invasion Starter Pack for free. The promotion will go live at 1:00 PM Eastern time and will last for a total of 48 hours.

During this time players can grab the pack via Steam. Included in the pack are:

  • Seven days of Omega premium access
  • 250k Skill Points
    • Standard Cerebral Accelerator provided
  • 5x Tier 1 Abyssal Filaments for access to Abyssal Deadspace
  • Ship SKINs previously exclusive to specific events
    • Blood Raider Apparel

During the seven days of premium access players will double training speed. That, combined with the rest of the pack will give players a real boost. The free ship skins don’t hurt either.

To pick up your own pack, head to the EVE Online Steam page after 1:00 PM Eastern tomorrow.

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  1. The huge disappointment about CCp is the free to play model is gimped so you can never complete your free to play model allocated skills completely for free! They basically blocked you as you near the end so you have to buy in game currency in order get more skill points to achieve all your free limited skill trainings..why? who bloody kinows they never had an answer but to spend money when I asked.
    Its a tough enough game training skills that can take a huge amounts of years of life.
    The free to play model I think should be able to achieve in 1 1/2 yrs if you were not restricted by the block…But a normal p2p character it can take up to
    grabbed from “MainDrain”
    to learn every skill in the game to level 5
    Well here is the answer, including all retribution skills (according to evemon)
    Total Training Time (No implants, base amarr character, no neural remap) – 9959d, 11h, 42m, 52s This is greater than 27 Years
    Total Training Time (+5 implants, no remap) – 7962d, 20h, 12m, 25s This is nearly 22 years. ”

    and to top it off they have added more skills on top and the games only been running since 2003!
    Why the f888k would they do this to us! what sort of brain made this game.?! of none completion. A cold iceland one!!


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