The second issue of the World of Tanks Dark Horse comic came out last week, accompanied by a sale of the tank featured in the issue — if you’re a WoT console player, that is.

The story of World of Tanks: Roll Out! continues in issue #2 and features a number of Sherman Firefly tanks, including the “Boilermaker,” a British Tier VI which console players can purchase as a standalone buy or in a package. You’ll get the tank itself, as well as its crew and access to the Last Stand crew ability, which grants bonus damage when the tank’s health is below 10%.

If you don’t want to pay right now for the Boilermaker, you’ll be able to earn it in the game starting Nov. 11, as described in the cheesy video above. For more info on everything that’s included with the Boilermaker, check out the announcement page on the World of Tanks site.

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