When Genshin Impact Version 1.6 releases, it will introduce a new character, weapons story content, and a whole lot more — including the game’s first ever costumes for playable characters (not the Traveler… yet). Titled “Midsummer Island Adventure”, the update focuses on the adventures of Klee, Barbara, and Jean as they travel to previously unknown islands in Teyvat — partially for vacation, and partially because Klee received a rather unusual summons that needs to be dealt with.

The update also introduces the game’s first character from the land of Inazuma, Kaedehara Kazuha. Players won’t meet him in Inazuma, we’re not going there just yet, but he might be able to help get us there. We’ll just have to talk to him about it when we meet him as he travels with the Crux Fleet. We’ll be doing that in the new Archon Quest Chatper II: Prologue “Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves”.

Kazuha wields a sword and carries an Anemo vision. His abilities feature a lot of motion and use the wind to pull enemies toward him, propel them and himself up into the air, and then come crashing down on them with a plunging attack only to have the energy from the plunge attack be converted to wind damage that creates a wind tunnel and pulls the enemies back in again. His talents include absorbing elemental skills that he comes into contact with and using them in a plunging attack to deal additional damage, as well as granting teammates bonus damage based on their elements. The Elemental burst, “Kazuha Slash” deals AoE damage and leaves behind a field that continues to deal damage to foes at set intervals, provided they’re within its barrier.

Like Klee, Kazuha also has an Exploration talent. Only instead of marking locations of items, he decreases sprinting stamina consumption for party members.

A new area means new story content, and there will be plenty of world quests in the new island area. There is also a bit of story quest tied to the new events taking place in the area, mainly focused on Klee who has been summoned there. These will introduce the game’s newest boss monster Maguu Kenki, a mechanical humanoid with the ability to summon phantoms to fight alongside him. The phantoms are doubly dangerous as they will use both Anemo and Cryo abilities against the player. The fight is also made more difficult by the fact that the masks it wears auto-block ranged attacks when not in close combat — meaning players won’t be able to stand away and lob arrows at it to do damage.

To travel to the island, players will need to make use of special waypoints that summon a “waverider” boat. This means two things. First, sailing. Second, sea combat — which is a focus of several actives in the Midsummer Island Adventure events. Taking part in the event will earn players all kinds of rewards, including furnishing blueprints, a Crown of Insight, leveling materials, currency, and more. Event activities consist of the sailing mini-games, races both on the sea and in the air, and a variety of combat as well.

In addition to Klee’s events, there is also a special event for Barbara as well. The first event in the game to reward players with a costume. Both Barbara and Jean are getting new summer outfits in the next update. Jean’s will be purchasable from the game’s store, while Barbara’s can be earned via the “Echoing Tales” event. If you fail to earn the costume, it will be in the store at a later date.

If you want to see what the costumes look like, they’re the graphics on today’s giveaway codes, which as always can be entered on the Genshin Impact site, provided you do it before the end of the day.

On the optimization side of things, a few changes are being made, which you can see listed here.

There will also be a pretty big addition to the teapot. Now, players can invite up to 8 characters (not to be confused with other players) to reside in their teapot. To do this, they’ll need to have completed the quest “A Teapot to Call Home: Part II” first. Characters who reside in the realm will steadily increase companionship experience while there and increasing Adeptal Energy Rank also increases the rate of companionship experience gain. As an added bonus, each character has a favorite furnishing set and placing those in the realm will result in the character giving the player a gift and opening more conversation options with them.

Finally, the stream ended with another sneak peek at the country of Inazuma, with some screen shots and other information. We’ve included the screenshots below.

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