Here we go. It’s time for another round of “grab the free stuff” on the Epic Games Store. For those of you who have been playing Terrible Posture Games’ episodic game 3 out of 10, Episode 3 is up now. As for the new free offerings, this week gamers can snag Enter the Gungeon and God’s Trigger from the store.

Dodge Roll’s Enter The Gugeon is a bullet hell dungeon-crawler adventure game. It features hand designed rooms and a procedurally-generated map for players to explore. The game adjusts to player victory as well, making things just that much more challenging for those who might think they’re going to get off easy.

God’s Trigger, on the other hand, is a highly-stylized, graphic rogue-like. In fact, the game page describes it as a “fast-paced bloodbath” in which characters use uniqe powers to eliminate their enemies in the flashiest way possible.

Cost-wise, both games will normally run $15 after the free period is over. So, grab them now and save yourself $30.



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