We all know how hard it is to get your hands on some mounts in Rift. Some of them always seem to be just out of reach. And in your case, those out of reach mounts may include a couple of mechs. Well, the Rift team seems to be trying to remedy that — a bit. This weekend, players have the opportunity to earn some mech mounts. Or, if you’re feeling particularly lazy you can just buy two of them outright in the store. (That would be the Faewood Infinity Walker and the Red & Silver Empyreal Walker.)

If you’d rather not spend money but would still like a mech or two, some can be earned in game. Beginning today, players can head to their home city and pick up the appropriate quests required to earn Chaos Motes. Once enough motes are acquired, they can be traded for one of four mechs, including the Empyeral Walker, the Black Empyreal Walker, the Golden Empyreal walker, and the Infinity Walker. Players can also earn Mech Companion Pets, Minion Cards, and Dimension items.

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