Breach is still in paid early access, but QC Games really wants you to play it now. Earlier this week, the cheapest price for early access was pushed down to just $10, and now you can get it for free, for the duration of its early access period.

There are two catches: One, you have to act before Monday; and two, you have to download the En Masse Entertainment launcher. You wanted another game launcher, right?

If you do use the EME launcher, you can log between now and 10 a.m. Pacific on Monday, Feb. 25 and get free access to Breach for the rest of its early access period. In effect, the game is in open beta if you use the EME launcher, which might not be a big deal if you’re already playing TERA, Kritika Online, or Closers. If you’re not into any of those three games, you can download the launcher here if you’re interested in playing Breach for free.


  1. The game is so bad it’s not worth the effort. Played it for like 30 minutes and uninstalled. It’s better to watch dust collect on your furniture than playing this trash.


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