Breach isn’t free-to-play yet, but the cost to play has gone down. QC Games is now offering a $9.99 Early Access Pass that gives full access to the game, a 30-day XP boost, and 2,000 QC Points. New or existing players can purchase this pass, and players who owned a Founder’s Pack previous to today will receive an additional 3,000 QC Points as a loyalty bonus for supporting the game’s early development.

Today’s patch for Breach also adds a new map, new class, and new boss, as well as some additional, much-requested features. The new map is also the title of the patch, Valley of Kings, which leads players to icy(?) Egyptian ruins, where they’ll go up against Sekhmet, the Goddess of War. Fortunately, a new class, the Medic, is able to step in to (unsurprisingly) heal their teammates through everything the wrathful Egyptian goddess throws at them.

The other big addition to the game is the ability to queue up as a hero or Veil Demon only, rather than randomly getting assigned one or the other. Other additions include win/loss tracking, new monsters in Tokyo, and the usual slate of bug fixes. You can read about everything the patch has to offer on the Breach Steam page.

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