SMITE might be big on lore, but it’s never been an RPG-centric game — what with it being a MOBA and all. But, if you’ve ever been curious as to what a SMITE-based RPG would be like, here’s your chance to find out. With the drop of patch 4.10, players now have access to an all new adventure titled “Trials of King Hercules” that offers an RPG jungle adventure. As with any RPG, players will kill monsters and earn loot… all on their way to take on the big bad boss (or two).

In this case, the bosses consist of the Neamean Lion, who must be defeated in order to unlock hard mode, and the big baddie: The Hydra.

To go along with the adventure, Hi-Rez is offering a Dungeon Adventure Bundle in the store that will unlock services throughout Hercopolis as well as about 100 Gems worth of rewards. If bought while the Trials of King Hercules adventure is playable, the bundle will have a 10% price decrease, making it 900 gems instead of 1000.

Full details on the new adventure are available on the Hi-Rez site, as are the latest set of patch notes. Or if you have an hour to spend and would rather watch than read the notes, you can check out the Patch VOD below.

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