This week, the Epic Games Store is offering gamers two freebies rather than one. That’s two games that would have to try very hard to be any more different than they already are. The first is the cartoon-ish, turn-based adventure co-op game from IronOak Games and Curve Digital, For the King. The second is 4A Games and Deep Silver’s Metro Last Light Redux.

If you didn’t grab the second game when it was free on GOG, here’s another chance. Unfortunately, this version won’t be DRM free. Just so you know, the game does normally run $20, but it honestly seems like it comes up as a free offering often enough, you probably don’t need to worry if you miss it here.

As for For the King, it generally runs about $20 as well. It uses a dice-roll combat system and procedurally generated maps. It also allows for single player, local co-op, or online co-op, so players can get the most out of the game. The version that’s available on the EGS includes all the expansion content, including Dungeon Crawl, Gold Rush Un-Cooperative Mode, and more.

The deal is the same as always. If you’d like to pick up either, or both, of these games, you’ll want to do it before next Thursday when the free game will shift to Halcyon 6.


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