Daum and Pearl Abyss have a new short video today showing off the witch (female) and warlock (male) classes in Black Desert Online. Far from being simple ranged casters with induction bars, Black Desert’s spellslingers are equally comfortable at long range or in the thick of melee, blowing up mobs and traversing the battlefield in a chaotic dance of destruction.

It doesn’t hurt that the warlock bears a striking resemblance to Gandalf, or at least Ian McKellen. But let’s face it, other than his “You shall not pass!” moment, Gandalf was never this cool. He probably should’ve laid off the pipe-weed.

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  1. I hope this game has some actual challenge to it somewhere; based on all the teasers so far it looks boring as hell. I have to give the game props, though, since the women aren’t all naked (for once).

    • From what i read casualization got to this game too.
      Still.. should be decent pass-time for a bit before it turns into another virtual chat full of bs like tera.

    • you’re aware that they’re usually way over level what they’re fighting in the teaser.

      They think they’re showing off how bad ass the character is.

      we think it looks too easy.

      usually they’re at least +10 levels of what ever they’re fighting on screen so ya, it’s a cake walk.

      • You are aware that everyone who comes to this site already knows that and just like to see the gameplay mechanics correct?

    • No the game is very challenging especially the mobs you verse because most of the time you have to fight people who are a bit higher then you and its no easy at all.

  2. Looking rather good, not too much naked arses, nor cutsey-dutsey shiz, if they keep that up…. it’ll be great.


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