On an episode of Foreign Friday way back in August of last year we gave you guys a sneak peak at Crytek’s first ever Free-to-Play endeavor Warface. Back then the game was only available in Russia where it garnered over 5 million players in just a short time after release. Despite all the text being in Russian and my ping being slightly above the threshold of absolutely awful, I enjoyed the FPS. I fancied the games PvE mode in particular, which heavily relies on players working together as a squad traversing multiple pathways (some accessible only with a squadmate’s help) and fulfilling specific roles needed in order to overcome the surprisingly difficult AI. Now the semi-futuristic FPS is finally making its way to the US with publishing help from Trion Worlds.

As of 9:00am PST this morning the game has gone into closed beta where it will stay until the game´s official launch this Spring. Players will access the game through GFACE (seriously what´s with all the face references) which is Crytek’s new snazzy social entertainment platform. Why they feel the need to add another platform for me to launch games from I have no clue.

No word yet on how many players gained access today or how quickly Crytek plans on adding more waves of players to the beta roster. If you haven’t already done so you will need to sign up for a chance at a beta invite by entering your email on the official site here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. mmobomb you guys rock please get some beta keys, I realy don’t want to wait until march to play this game, official release is spring, 2 months away lol, you guys gave me torchlight 2 come on with warface beta keys lol.

      • Nobody will listen to you and everybody will try the game because even the worst games someone plays. You are losing your time here, kid, get a life instead of replying to every comment here. BTW, I am from EU and I played RU version and some people will like it and play it, some won’t, just deal with it….

  2. this is a kick in the sack I registered for the beta almost a year ago with two email addresses and still no beta key man crytek hates me lol.

    • Crytek is a graphics environment designer. NOT A PUBLISHER. Your complaint is directed at the site publishing the game, not the graphics designer. That is like me saying: “HEY UNREAL 3 ENGINE why didnt you approve my payment for Unreal 3??” published and distributed by other publishers like Game fly LOL fail?
      oh mmobomb, the noobies of your community enthral me. This is actually just as entertaining proving you all RIGHT as playing an actual MMORPG. The moral rewards here are so much more rewarding LOL: and it is F2post. LOL

  3. Well i play the RU for now it works for me fine and at any graphics no lags
    the game is amazing each day’s diffrent misson’s and it’s awesome some time they are hard
    you need a teamwork to survive a PVE cuz it’s Hard alot so for all who wait for this game for now start with RU version don’t wait untill you get the code or something that to play US version i hope i helped you all in somthing 😀

    • DOnt be a troll. We all know it is a fail titles. It seriously does not stand out in any way or fashion. IT lacks so so so many basic fps features that are already included in current titles.
      I only GIVE IT ONE PLUS!
      + It runs a WATERED DOWN version of the CRY engine. I can run that game great on a HD 5470 laptop (my away from PC machine). Other than that…Read my review above

      • ur review is bad and it just prevent players from tryin even the game out also noone will hear ur review cause u just a hater in general

        • HEY Zhwao, I actually HELD BACK allot of details, inclduing how levels progress. I will laugh SO HARD when you hit lvl 15 in this game and realize if you did not build in tank and throw down 5 bucks for a cash shop OP knife, you will have a bad time..LOL! OH I CANT wait until you play! You are such troll fodder.
          ANY WAYS! I GUARD THE REST OF THE FACTS and realities secret, and I invite you all to play. HAHAHA! That is the best troll revenge!

          This is my last comment here, I am done with troll chat!
          CACALIPS OUT! (so much win)

          • stealing spunks lines?hmm interesting also unfortunatelly for u sir i NEVER cs in games its fun answering ur stupid comments though its bad that u get so much attention cause u a troll that all he does is need attention for unknown reasons and i am glad for having fun with ruining people’s games lifes says a lot about ya 🙂

          • You don’t even know how to review a product. Feel free to verify all this with spunkify and magicman- When reviewing games the first objective is to list pros and cons, the second is to offer CONSTRUCTIVE criticism as to what could possibly be changed or improved upon to make the game an over all better experience. Lastly you offer an opinion on what the over all experience was like and what type of gamer you think it may appeal to. All you do is ramble on about only the negative things you see and create negative press for every game you play because you are a spoiled child who thinks everything should come perfect and without any cost whatsoever. You are another self entitled lamer who screams to be heard for whatever reason and not even a true gamer. Gamers play games because they enjoy gaming, not because it’s a nice place to vent their personal problems and cause chaos with no consequence. I think a lot more people would revisit the site without seeing you troll the comments constantly and if i were the sites owner i would see about silencing your grieving.

  4. Played it Yesterday in EU 😀

    Pretty nice game , Very optimised 😀 AAA Game 😛

    Hope it will not become a Pay 2 Win (since u have PVP too)

  5. COD wanna be…. seriously. Where’s the originality?! At least its F2P and online ect. Kinda different but still. Gdi lol i’ll give it a try.

  6. I play for a long time exactly my father and I was playing the game all the very best of her mission is especially well done and do not have much money in the game imposes unlock new weapons and items and play

  7. I signed up for the beta when it was first available, which was March 8, 2012. Now I have to sign up again, due to the new GFACE shenanigans. There goes my early chance to enter the beta. When did this GFACE thing start? Today? Last Month? 3 Months ago?

    • Also, I have played the Russian beta, and have to say this: (Be warned, this is my opinion.)
      1/ The Engineer claymores are way overused. 50% of most teams I’ve seen were engineers with claymores. Claymores are capable of killing multiple people, as I have killed 5 people with one claymore.
      2/ As some of the people said before me, the medic is completely useless in reviving people, at least in TDM. However, the shotguns are OP if you can aim while sliding, which results in a 1 hit kill most of the time.
      3/ The cash shop in RU Warface is balanced. Many people buy guns with real money just to dominate the regular people. The guns in the cash shop are not permanent, however.
      4/ They should give the default weapons, which are the M4A1, the MP5, the Richmond 770, and the SVD, more customizable options, instead of just a suppressor. I hope they will do this in the US beta. (If so reply to this comment)
      5/ Nerf the Kriss Super V. Give it more recoil or something.
      6/ VIP in the RU beta is extremely pay to win, as it gives you 50% more experience, 50% more vendor reputation, and 50% more cash. I ranked up 2 times in one game. Was level 10. On level 10, you will need at least ~7 games to rank up. (This will obviously come over to the US beta, but hopefully they will make it 25% more of everything, not 50%)
      7/ Moar weapons, now, at least early on.
      8/ Make the vendor reputation easier to gain, at least without VIP.
      9/ Put players into matches depending on their skills, or rank. A lot of games i witnessed had higher ranked players with much more powerful weapons unlocked later in the game pwning noobs with default and starting weapons.

      If any of these points are addressed in the US beta, reply.

  8. the game is awesome! i got into the gface closed beta a few months ago and then today i got into warface. i dont like that the game runs through the browser though (not sure if i was allowed to say that, oh well) its also pretty weird to see a browser window with cryengine 3 graphics being rendered in it

  9. I have been playing since over a year in RU. It is not good. It is really bad. Some highlights and I dont have time for details but:
    1) The buddy hoist system just replaces ladders as it is in SPECIFIC areas and serves at NOTHING durring pvp except to get shot fast, and all hoist points are not stratigic but usually just for snipe points, and it everyone knows it, and snipers life expentancy once up there is 2 seconds.

    2) Classes are broke. It is liked they were in the middle of making a BF2 game and gave up and threw people into a zergy dime a dozen FPS. Medic is useless as everyone spawns in less than a second after death (just left click and you spawn, it happens so fast sometimes you are still shooting, and then split second death, and you still clikcing ot shoot and respawn). Now, 1 sec respawn + a medics revive paddles that take 30 seconds to charge. Tell me, you going to sit there for 30 secs, and wait for a spawn or just insta spawn and run back in less than 2 seconds (because small zergy maps)…do the math, it is stupid and FEELS stupid and broke. I Can go on with engineers and the fact every one slides and 1 knife shots after level 15 (because you power up to tank build).

    3) maps small and zergy. PVE is cool for a change BUT TO LATE. If you want PVE, go play single player game or play WarFrame. This mode feels like other fps PvE aspects but you just slide more… not a difference.

    4) gear and item unlocks are pretty fair, cash shop pretty fair (ru end), selection of weapons not that great, and really, success of fail depends on who zergs the most. End of a year, I still give the online award to, SADLY, PS2 and AVA. Nothing to see here folks.

    DL it. Try it yourself. YEAH it is Cryengine…but dat game play = makes you Cry.

    • I just had to mention it, but your going to LOVE (i really mean hate), the engineers armor repair ability LOL, biggest waste of design, you armor is about 2 3 shots and its low, in zergy game play, no one stops to get extra armor. Image, oh, whats a fast zergy shooter… Combat arms with a class that has a guy to give you armor but he has to be right on you. Combine that with 2 shot armor meter bar…how much is that necessary…not AT ALL.
      And last but not least; SNIPERS get ZERO skills. Engineer, trip mines (abused like hell) – MEdics (useless med paddles) – Assault (I forgot, i think heath boost or smoke or something forgetable) and then sniper…NOTHING lol,

    • RU Warface suffers from bad management, not from bad game quality. Publisher doesn’t care about player feedback, nor does it care about bugs and service quality. Russian publisher of Warface cares only about money. That’s the biggest issue. The smaller one is that all gameplay features are balanced around PvE. And PvE isn’t very innovative to say the least. Should they have listened to player feedback things would have been much better.

      1. These “hoists”… they are needed in (and probably even created specifically for) PvE. I guess developers tried to make linear and repetitive PvE maps a little more diverse. But they are usefull in less crowded and more tactical game modes like domination, demolition and capture. In these modes there are usually three main routes to objective. On of them is accessable only via “buddy hoist”.

      2. Class abilities are balanced for PvE. There is only one PvP-focused class…Yeah, you got it, it’s a sniper. And probably because of that sniper has no special skills, only the most deadly weapons. Medic’s revive and heal are usefull in more tactical game modes. Especially demolition and capture where you can’t autorespawn.

      3. Sure, maps are small. Even smaller than in CoD MW3. But it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Smaller maps means more action. …

      … …. Rrright… Why do I even bother…

      • both u and cacalips forget one thing.U both talking about the RU version and this ISN’T the RU version if a company took this game my point of view is they knew it was bad and they took it to fix the problems it already has(which are mentioned above by both of u)so i wouldn’t judge it soo rough/harsh and so quickly unltil i was sure it was the same piece of crap as the RU version until then i don’t think u are allowed to say what u said about the US version untill u’ve actually tryed it.Thank you and have a nice day

        • caca supposedly plays every game in or out of the us and has done so to an extent that he knows them all in and out yet riddles reviews with false info and details that don’t apply to the game at all. Met a lot of attention whores like that in middle school. Best to just ignore it.

        • I’m not forgetting anything. 😛 It’s just that this guy irritates me sometimes with his stupid reasoning and hasty conclusions. I know this game is going to be better in the west. In fact that’s what I’m hoping for. More than that I know it’s not as bad in Russia as he says…

          • well to be honest my message went mainly to cacalips so ya anyways i don’t believe anything this guy says anyways for some reason he made a bad reputation in here and i tend to see the reason anyways i just hate when people give info about a game that they couldn’t possibly try out yet like the US version of this game thats all

            I am EU and US and speak 3 languages and I DO RESEARCH. Just look at the stupid non educated out of touch responses here… then look at mine…then go play the damn game and find out “oh snap! he was right”. TROLLS

        • ZhaoYun,
          You are mistaken. HUGELY. This is like saying there are flying mounts in Dragon Nest NA and not in SEA…. that is stupid. They would have to rehaul the entire games engine to fix these problems, like creating code to use the climb on all inteligent places on the map. They would have to do so so so much work. IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN/ Here are two hints:

          1) THE GAME IS ENGLISH. Well, korean, but it was coded and programmed in english. The files in all the RUSSIAN files are english. The only thing that made it “RUSSIAN” was a little file in ONE folder called “LanguagepkRU.bin”… I DL an english file and plugged it in and it actually had better word placement in english (no run over or spill out in boxes). Also, open all the other files, and they are in english… SO yeahhh..

          2) NA and EU versions will only do ONE THING DIFFERENT: CHANGE THE CASH SHOP PRICES and SET UP THEIR PAYMENT methods. Move along troll. YOu know nothing of the games.

      • In Russia, no one PVEed as the PvP rewards are better, and why go through 1 hour of pve repetition when you can get EQ from 15 min pvp match. Also, pve is a hassle to get all the guys together. PvE, is like this in almost all the other games I have played that are not RU. It is rare and really depends on new content. I can say it just was not enough to log in and do it. AND FYI… NO ONE USES wall scale in PVE!!! The best strategy is the straight road my friend. ESPECIALLY when it takes 2 people to hoise and pve is fluid and and not “stop to hoist me up”.

        2) See step one… This is not true. No one lays trip mines as an engineer in PVE, etc… get a clue. YOU HAVe NOT PLAYED THIS

        3) YOU HAVE NOT PLAYED THIS. This is not true. Example, play the defend mode where you have to defend the bomb. THe maps are this: 1 spawn 2 take 5 stpes, 3 throw nades into bunker 4 if not dead yet run in and shoot randomly because dead in 2 seconds/…. No joke, it is not more action… There are some maps I prefered than others, notably 1… you could branch off 3 dif directions, but the tactic was not action packed it just meant you took some one off guar and once he died, he resawpn and cap you …tag tag dead you it. Game over..your sense of action and theory here fails

        rrriigghhhtttt you should not bother. You are a troll

        • to begin you dont know the mindset of everyone who plays a game so you cant just say “no one in russia PvEed”. another thing you dont know if the versions will be different in the case of large companies the versions between countries are vastly different,IE vindictus. everyone is entitled to their own opinion and just caps locking and calling people trolls gives me the opinion your a 40 year old basement dwelling waste of human flesh who cant take an opinion different from his, i normaly never take the time to logg on just to write a comment like this but you sir an acceptionaly big jackass who has trolled me into being a bad person, please sir do eat your own ego so you will have nothing left to live on. as to anyone else who reads this comment i deeply apologise for my rash nature im usualy not so negetive but this guy is discrediting everyones opinions and acting like an ass

        • u can call me wherever u like u can brag about knowing 20 languages u an talk trash about any game u like sir.The fact here stays all u do is talk trash about games in general i haven’t personally heard u say 1 good thing about a game in the comments(and yes i do check comments all the time on EVERY single thing uploaded in this site)
          so before u say ur the god of gaming and that u got no real life and that u’ve tryed literaly anything and comment ur stupid hate messages here think a little about what u type BEFORE u type it i am maybe a troll sir as u say but at least i don’t trashtalk everysingle game that comes out(shooter or not)and talk like i am a king and everyone here are my slaves like u seem to do.I am sorry but i am literaly done with u and ur stupid hate comments on people.BB hater

          • Any one in the gaming community reading this: ZhaoYun is clearly a troll and offers nothing to the contribution to the critic and analysis of this game. And my REALITIES hold true. I never said I Was god..I just gave a VERY SIMPLE run down of the game… all true facts you can find by actually playing it… I take your hate and trolling as a compliment as you consider me as a god LOL (kind of reflects your judgment skills)…

            Any on in TOUCH with reality…well…what we are looking for are points on improvement.

            HEY Zhwao, I actually HELD BACK allot of details, inclduing how levels progress. I will laugh SO HARD when you hit lvl 15 in this game and realize if you did not build in tank and throw down 5 bucks for a cash shop OP knife, you will have a bad time..LOL! OH I CANT wait until you play! You are such troll fodder.
            ANY WAYS! I GUARD THE REST OF THE FACTS and realities secret, and I invite you all to play. HAHAHA! That is the best troll revenge!

            This is my last comment here, I am done with troll chat!
            CACALIPS OUT! (so much win)

  10. Are there going to be IP blocks? I’ can’t wait to see it’s how it’s going to work microtransaction-wise after using horrible Russian cash shop (because in RU Warface there’s no other way to be competitive). And I’m afraid I’m not the only one. If there won’t be any IP blocks you’re going to se ALOT of Russians on EU (and maybe even NA) servers despite the uncomfortable ping and language barrier.

    • RU was pretty darn free. You just play and unlock items. They had some items that were pay to unlock or grind to get, and anything cash locked was cosmetic. You will learn at level 15 all you need is a tank build + slide + a knife, (cash knife is even better) and you get 1 shot cheap kills and it is all people do. Not a RU issue…a DESIGN issue.

  11. Well thats awesome i was waiting for this game to be released in english since thie video was uploaded by spunk.Hope i can be able to get into beta

  12. I’ve been for this game since 2012 Spring and now I can’t wait till it actually comes out! Let alone get into the beta !!!


    • its f2p in russia if u actually took 15m of ur time to watch the video he says its f2p mmorpg and i see no reason for it to be p2p/b2p in the us version either if thats what u mean

      • TROLL harder. They also cover B2P and free trials. Some F2P games like Allods have gone Sub based (Allods in RU just launched subscribtion servers) and some subs go F2P so it is not like you gotta be a nazi about it.

      • again this is the RUSSIAN version not the US one maybe most of the “negative” things in this game will be fixed maybe not all we can do is wait and see

        • PLease grow a brain stem. Russian version is ENGLISH version, they only tweaked one language pack file. This has nothing to do with core game play any any hard wired mechanics. The only thing that will change are the xp rates, and cash shop rules, and items available. And if you played, there is not a whole lot of difference between items and the knife kills + slide are the best after level 15 when you can build full tank (and charge into fire with less death). LOL!

          • u seem to know a lot about what the publishers and people who work on the US version and what their choices will be i will keep disagreeying witcha though(like everyone here apperently)cause u just a stupid troll who hates on everything.Keep on trolling kid keep on trolling 🙂


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