Warface Update Brings New Expedition Event, Sticky Grenade Item, And Map

Throw a sticky grenade and watch it go BOOM.

Troy Blackburn
By Troy Blackburn, News Editor Posted:

Warface Update New Event, Item, and Map

As part of the Treasure Hunters season, Warface is adding in a new event called Expedition. Complete event contracts to fill up a bar on the events screen to receive rewards such as a pistol skin, weapon charm, and knife skin.

The new item in the shooter is the sticky grenade. The weapon fits all classes and as the name suggests, it sticks to all kinds of surfaces.

There's also a new map in the Warface update called "Port" for the Plant the Bomb mode. You can check out the new map in the video below.

The Sidewinder Venom and Cobalt Kinetics EDGE rifle are now available in the mod system, and there is your usual round of improvements and bug fixes you can check out in the official blog post.

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