Ghost Recon Online’s latest update has taught me many things recently. First I learned that Phantoms are the natural predators of Ghosts. Second, I learned Ubisoft isn’t particularly subtle when they choose names for their updates. The Phantom Pack update for Ghost Recon introduces players to the Phantoms. The new recon team on the block whose looking to wipe out the Ghosts. In case you couldn’t tell by their all black attire and red power-level scanner -I don’t know what else to call it- these guys are the bad guys. They are the Ying to the Ghost’s Yang.

The Phantom Pack introduces new armor variants in the Phantom flavor along with new avatars and Phantom versions of several popular weapons. The newly added Xinyil District map features five conquest points and is the shooter’s largest map to date. Interestingly, the map was also the first map to be designed using player feedback from Ubisoft’s Project: Topos, which allows an organized clan of players to provide early feedback on upcoming maps.

Under the hood, nearly every aspect of GRO’s gameplay has been tweaked. This includes everything from individual gun mechanics adjustments and class ability improvements, to lowering the crouch walk speed to make the tradeoff between crouch and standing more clear. Even the player’s flinch intensity has been modified to reflect damage modifiers. On the economy side of things, RP earnings have been increased per round and daily wins now grant 200 RP.

If you’re interested in seeing the full list of changes be sure to check out the official patch notes here.

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      • personally it was good for me untill I returned after monthes downloaded the game the download was horrible and not like the normal and the game was lagging…. I wish it’s fixed 🙁

  1. pretty much uninstalled it after this update :\, sudden lagg everywhere and i couldnt cover in small spaces anymore or had a huge problem doing so, not just that they tripled the prices for the guns that went from 5k to 17k. im all in for new content and such but i felt like this update made it all p2w :\

  2. The graphics sorry for saying that but is true is for the pecker the quality of ghost recon The old is kind of shit wondering how you still play games just like this one when there is a way much better games with HD GRAPHICS .

    • so ur saying better graphics makes better hame well i can tell u this go and fck ur self

      • No he is saying, that when a title puts it’s money where it’s mouth is, we end up with a pretty damn good title. Look at BattleField franchise. Although it is not perfect, it looks pretty damn sweet and delivers…and only costs the box price. I still play the hell out of BF2.

        Now look at all the F2P garbage. Almost all of it has some appeal, but lacks. OR you can PS2 (great graphics) but you skip out on game play (boring game that relies on log ins and cash not strategy).

        In fact, name one ugly FPS that is actually fun? Doom? Quake? Those are twitch based origins…other than that, almost all have a relation between how they look and how they perfome. Don’t forget Halo, a game that looked bad ass at the time, and was actually pretty bad ass as fard as game play…

        This game is pure crap. I played it. It has bugs since CB that are not fixed. It relies on P2W features. It has no auto balanced team (try winning a capture that flag that requires 2 people in the flag area, but when everyone rolls snipers, no one goes to flag…And the game allows it)…
        I can go on, this game was Dead on arrival, but a few elite cashers and the fact it is attached to a company that paid for it in full already (your payment is just cocaine extra) I would have to say it is prety shitty. Especially how broke the physics etc are (I can rush an entire game with a cashed out character easily). I’d say this guys got a point.

        Also, to Fck one self would require a LARGE p3n1s. So, yeah, I please both your mom, your GF, and myself with my own D1cK

        • People play this game because it’s fun… maybe ass holes who think a games worth is all in the graphics should stop playing anything that’s not a graphics King and stick with Crysis 3 ._. The game is fun, regardless of the graphics. Shit if you honestly wanna get into a war about how graphics make a game you should honestly look around and see how games like WoW or Minecraft have shit graphics and are still madly popular.

        • Graphic does not make a game good… its the community, gameplay, game system and the content within the game that puts a game at where it is. If one think graphics makes a game good then why dont you make your own game and see what happens to you market share.


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