Black Eye Games released the Christmas update for its free-to-play MMO Gloria Victis yesterday. The new update, which is the largest one in the game’s history, implements new character models, reworks the character creation system, and introduces 7 redesigned settlements.

Character creation has gotten more detailed with characters now having 10 times more detail than they did before. Players have more options for face customization, as well as tattoos and face painting. There are also new starting archetypes designed to get players off to the right start.

In addition to the main content, this update also adds Christmas content — including a special gift from the developers in the form of one point to reset attributes. Christmas events can be found in Dunfen, Mereley, and Lord’s Wrath Abbey.

To see the full list of changes and additions, read the v. changelong on the Gloria Victis site.

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  1. Dimas on December 24, 2016

    The game is not Free-to-Play like is said here, is B2P.

    • Denis on December 24, 2016

      maybe its because its not open beta yet I think, tell me if Im wrong

      • Tillus on December 24, 2016

        You are right. So NOW it is buy to play.

    • scammers on December 24, 2016

      This game is the biggest fail. Calling it free to play for years while it is buy to play only. They still tell us it will be free to play soon. All they do is collecting money with “early access” scam.

      • ActualThinkingPerson on December 24, 2016

        To be honest, how is it scam to say they will go f2p when they are out of early access? You’re not being tricked into buying anything and you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for. If you don’t want to pay, don’t. Nobody is forcing you to buy this game.

        • fail on December 26, 2016

          Do you know for how long they said they will go f2p? More than 4 years! They are advertising with “going free to play” to get more players buy their game. Free to play is free and not paid early access. Going free to play – 2012 Gloria Victis

          • Tsandsoup on January 15, 2017

            Lol you came from reddit ? and bring toxicity to this site ? go back to once you came beast.