On Tuesday (July 25), Black Eye Games will release a huge update for Gloria Victis. Included in the update will be the Azeb Nation, a playable nation with their own city and questlines. The update will also add new mobs and bosses. The bosses will spawn at random times and places while other mobs will be reliably available in specific areas.

As with all updates, this one will be reworking a few things as well. In this case, the AI is getting new animations and blocking mechanics designed to make them more lifelike. Players can also expect new crafting items and features.

At this time, the Glory rank table season will reset with players receiving rewards based on their positions in the existing season. Full details are available on the Gloria Victis site.

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  1. This is the biggest scam ever. Working on it since 2012 but stil charing money for their early access. On thir site they wrote it will be free to play.

    “The final release of the game will be free to play”

    But they also wrote the free to play game is not going to be free anymore. Not sure what they have in their mind now.

    Will I have to pay for this game?
    Yes, since the price is calculated to cover the costs of the constant development of Gloria Victis, upkeep the servers and supporting the game after release. If a free-to-play option ever becomes viable and necessary for us — which will be something that may only happen long after the official release — we will make sure that the players who bought the game for the original price will receive much more than what they paid for.


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