gloria victis

Gloria Victis dropped another update today, adding new content and making some adjustments to gameplay. The update adds a new boss for more expreienced players — the chieftain of the highlands. Any player who defeats the chieftain will have the chance to earn a new recipe scroll for a white fur helmet.

In addition to the new boss, Black Eye Games has also redesigned Lord’s Wrath Abbey, placing it closer to the middle of the fight in an effort to encourage more warbands to attack it. Other changes include the addition of the highlanders’ chieftain, Wallace Williams and his camp near Lake Audunlin, the ability to disable all artificial sources of light, and an alert notifying players of their nation sieges location.

To see the full list of additions and changes made to the free-to-play game, you can browse the changelog on the official site.

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  1. Not playing buy to play pay to play pay to win games, cash shop is fine for me i can spend cash when i like and have time then pay for month and play few days

  2. Look back on pay to play games, most of them dead or almost dead with almost no players.Best model is like in warframe or microtransactions if there is no pay to win stuff, just xp boosters and stuff like that.

    • It will be short-lived even if so.
      B2P didn’t really work out in the past, and these days they even add a cash shop on top of it, so why would it work out now?

      • I don’t think many people play MMO games anymore these days. it has to do with the Game industry Company Going bankrupt now but it is the truth. I say just do something else with your time don’t expect anything from a Online game.


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