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Black Eye Games’ latest update for its free-to-play MMO Gloria Victis makes things a lot easier for those just starting out. Update 0.5.9 introduces two new islands designed to be used as penalty spawnpoints for those acting unlawfully. This puts outlaws and griefers further away from the starter areas — making things a tad more hospitable.

In addition, Black Eye Games has redesigned the starting areas, placing enemy human NPCs in camps to increase player experience gain. This will also give players a clearer idea of where they need to go.

Newbie-related content isn’t the only thing getting some fresh paint. More experienced players will be happy to know that they’ll be seeing new types of dynamic events and an improvement to the “Valley of Death” PvP tournament.

The combat system has also been improved based on feedback from players.

For more information, a full set of changelog notes can be found on the Gloria Victis site.

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  1. way u are posting about this game on
    this game is not free to play at the current moment ..
    dont get me wrong im voting for my Polish Devs .. but still this game is not f2p at the moment .. so please stop posting about it until it will be f2p
    or come with some keys to it ..

    • Sorry it will be free-to-play so we cover it. Just like we cover f2p games that only have founder’s packs for now, or early access, or things like that. If a game will be f2p we will cover it even if it requires a fee if you want to get in early (just like we did with H1Z1 before they made it officially not f2p).

    • This is mmobomb , they talk about f2p games. This game will be f2p when it launches, so get over it and stop insulting the staff as if they’re brain dead. So why don’t you “stop posting”…the nerve of some folks.

      Basically you want them to not talk about f2p games until they’re released? Lols…talk about not staying informed about the games and the market. It’s called news for a reason.


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