Okay, I’m pretty sure this is the last holiday event post of the year. Because I swear, if Mike sends me another one… Seriously, though. How have all the events not begun yet?

At any rate, in case you missed it, Skyforge‘s Winter Celebration is under way and will remain that way until January 7. During the event, players can enjoy the ice skating track on Aelinar. Of course, it won’t just be simply skating around enjoying some festive music. This is competitive. So, be prepared to test your skill against other players for a chance to earn the event currency, Icey Gems. You’ll want plenty of them if you want to get your hands on this year’s festive offerings.

Speaking of offerings, players can grab new wings, some nifty hats, and super creepy gingerbread people skins. (Check the image above to see these soulless creations.)

Aside from the ice skating and rewards, there are other activities to take part in, such as grabbing daily Christmas tree gifts and hunting Khelps.

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