Go To Red Alert In Star Trek Online’s Latest Event, Like, The ENTIRE Galaxy Is On Red Alert

All the Red Alert events are back.

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Star Trek Online Red Alert

Get ready, because the entire galaxy in Star Trek Online is about to start hopping in the MMORPG. On March 9 a massive Red Alert event featuring all the Red Alert events at once. That includes Borg, Elachi, Tholian, Tzenkethi, and Nakuhl. During the event, which will end on March 15, players will be able to earn progress points for completing them. Only one of the Red Alerts – the Tzenkethi – has a fail condition. In the case that players fail it, they won’t be granted a daily bonus, so keep that in mind.

In addition to the daily bonus progress, players will receive rewards specific to each Red Alert event. The progress will go towards unlocking a special package containing an ultimate tech upgrade and a specialization point. If you’d rather not bother with the event, you can simply purchase the package from the events page.

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