The gods are back. Once again, it’s time to test the heroes of Neverwinter — and reward them handsomely for their success. The Challenge of the Gods event kicks off today and runs until next Thursday, June 11. Those wanting to take part will need a character of at least level 10. That shouldn’t be too difficult for most of you. You’ll also need to be sure you’re slaying monsters within several levels of wherever you’re at.

When the monsters you’re slaying die, you’ll receive special loot that kicks off one of the several challenges available during the event — each pleasing to a different god. Upon successfully completing the challenges, you’ll recive a Gift from the Gods containing one of the following items:

  • Celestial Mantle
  • Invocation Gift
  • Celestial Grace Dye Pack
  • Divine Inujury Kit
  • Level appropriate Enchants, Gemestones, or Potions

Players can also pick up a daily quest from the Speaker of Ao that asks them to complete five of the Challenges offered by the gods. Those that manage to do so will recieve the Blessed Gift of the Gods containting one of the items mentioned above as well as 1-3 Coins of Waukeen and one of the following items:

  • Waukeen’s Coin Purse
  • Priestess of Sune
  • Acolyte of Kelemvor
  • Tymora’s Lucky Coin
  • Forgehammer of Gond
  • Eye of Lathander
  • Grater Lathander’s Belt
  • Greater Lathander’s Cloak
  • Oghma’s Token of Free Movement
  • Helmite Paladin Ghost
  • Llira’s Bell
  • Uncommon or Rare Vicious Enchants
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