GoFundMe To Help With Dark And Darker Legal Fees Started Then Immediately Paused By Developer

The original fundraiser was published “prematurely”.

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Dark And Darker GoFundMe

Last week, Dark and Darker developer Ironmace found themselves dealing with a different kind of issue related to their legal woes in the ongoing fight with Nexon over allegedly stolen assets in the game Dark and Darker. In an apparent bid to help the company pay for the legal battle – one which Nexon will have no issues paying for on their end – an employee at Ironmace decided to publish a GoFundMe, asking gamers to help reach a goal of $500,000.

The individual also posted a letter – later deleted but screen-capped by PCGamer – on the Ironmace forums discussing the ongoing legal battles and discussing how Nexon’s “end goal is to bleed [them] dry in court fees”. The post then links to GoFundMe.

According to PCGamer, there was confusion at first as to whether any of this was the work of an Ironmace employee. It’s understandable as there are currently two other GoFundMe’s for the Dark and Darker game listed – one to help pay for server tests and another to help pay the devs. These were listed months ago and asking for a much smaller amounts, but as of now haven’t received any funds.

The company pulled the GoFundMe for helping with legal fees and closed portions of their servers until things were sorted out. A moderator also told fans to not donate to the GoFundMe at the time as they weren’t sure what was going on.

As it turns out, the letter was legitimate – but “premature”. Despite that, the campaign did manage to raise $46,000 in less than an hour before it was removed. As mentioned, as of this writing, the fundraiser is no longer active on the GoFundMe site. What will be done with it has yet to be determined, as the company says that they’ve “paused the campaign for now” and that they will make an announcement when they’ve decided what to do.

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