What makes sports better? Tanks!

That’s Wargaming’s opinion, at least, and they’re putting it to the test with a temporary World Football Championship game mode, available until the real football (or soccer, if you prefer) World Cup ends on July 13. Players will compete in 3-on-3 matches using T-62A tanks on a pitch-shaped battlefield where the goal isn’t just to knock out your opponents but to steer a ball into a goal. First team to three goals, or the team with the most goals after seven minutes, wins.

Also, if a shell glances off your tank, causing no damage, you’re allowed to flip it over and scream like you just had your arm ripped off. OK, we made that up. But hey, if you want the authentic football experience…


  1. I pray every night that Mounted dies slowly of cancer, a sad child with nothing to do but troll a website noone really goes on =(. Sadness.


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