It’s Epic Games Store freebie game update time and this week players can grab a first-person horror adventure game and one of Frogwares’ Sherlock Holmes games. The first game, Close to the Sun, is set in the 19th century on a structure in international waters built by Nikola Tesla. Similar to Rapture in Bioshock, the Helios was intended to be a place for the best scientific minds to gather. But now the place stands empty. Players take on the role of a journalist by the name of Rose Archer who is searching the place for her sister. Although, based on what she finds when she gets there, that may not be an easy task.

In the Sherlock Holmes game, “Crime and Punishments“, players will solve six different cases, training from murder to “spectral thefts” (We’re guessing that means a ghost stole something, but don’t quote us on that.) This isn’t a straight forward investigation game. Instead, it allows players to investigate as they see fit, making the game more interesting in the process.

Both games normally run $30, so if you grab them both now, you’ll save yourself $60.



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