The patch notes are up for Grand Fantasia‘s latest update and in addition to including all the things you’d expect for April (like the Easter and April Fool’s Day events), it also sends players on a new journey to the Alternate Dimension on an important mission. It seems that the peace that reigned in the Alternate Dimension and Saphael following Carso’s defeat at the Vilefiend Spire may have come to an end. Something’s wrong at any rate, as Zindel can no longer communicate with travelers from the Alternate Dimension.

So, it’s up to the players to figure out what’s going on. Zindel is asking players to accompany him into the Alternate Dimension in order to find out what happened. The truth needs to be uncovered before the Day of Destiny arrives and Carso causes even more distruction.

Alternate Dimension Elsaland introduces several new kinds of content to the game, including new maps, a new dungeon, and even 32 new trivia bits. The new dungeon, Seal-Guarding Palace, is located in the North. In order to stop Carso, it does need to be completed, but there may be more there than advertised.

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  1. Its real shame they never think about updating the engines on these older nostalgic games it would be cool if they thought maybe in 2021 we might bring it to a life to this time, even its just aesthetically
    Its my presumption that most older game co’s stuck in the void are scared of updating engines.


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