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About the game:
Title: Grand Fantasia
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Easyfun
Publisher: Aeria Games

Grand Fantasia is a free-to-play 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with anime-inspired graphics, that has enjoyed great success in other territories. The game is also called Dreamy Journey Online in other parts of the world.

Set in an expansive and carefully crafted fantasy world, Grand Fantasia offers players a variety of engaging features, including: branching class trees, innovative pet customization, crafting systems, incredible mounts, and auction houses. Players looking for more of an action-oriented experience can also participate in player-versus-player (PvP) combat, team-based battlefields, and challenging dungeons.

Explosive Features:

  • Numerous mounts
  • Great character customization options
  • Unique pet system

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System Requirements

Grand Fantasia Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz
Memory Ram: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 2GB of free Space
Video Card: nVidia GeForce FX 5200

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  1. If you are looking for an old school anime MMO this should be at the top of your list. Even though it is over 8 years old the game still gets occasional updates and a new class is promised for 2018. It has never been shut down or changed publishers. Population has actually grown and the publisher has launched a new server called Siwa. It has slightly different rules and is intended for new players or those who want a fresh start. The game has literally 1,000s of quests and a lot of special activities. So give it a try.

    • So in 2019 this game is little/quite dead. I am playing it, but this game is playable at 70+ lvls ( 70-85) for many reasons. 1. Noone stays at low lvl.
      2. In higher lvls there are many people (70% of them are strong)
      3. U can farm money.
      4. There are some people, but usually playing just with friends or Guild.
      5. I dont think that this game is P2W like it was some years ago. For example i bought for 1399AP 50Mclays, sold for 32,5k golds which is good start in 70lvl. In 1. any payment u will get a lot of bonusses which are so good … Spend 2 dollars and it worth. + Every month is event (i dont know how it calls) of spending AP. If u spend just 400AP u will get 50Mclays (No tradable) so it helps a lot. And it is just 10-15dollars which u spend or idk how many. Some years ago like 6y SKB4 cost 11-13k. now it cost around 2k maybe… So u can farm items. Being better too. I played this game from beta, and i started again with new acc. Every Week there are XP bonusses which helps u to plvl. If u played this game, and u like farming this same raid (like in every MMORPG) for golds, u can do it 😀

  2. Just going to be straight up;
    Some of these comments show that these guys have never explored content or were too dumb to.

    Prismata/Distorted Dimension/Forsaken Temple give gold past 91 and Blazing Kaslow gives Seething Kaslow tickets which can either be sold for gold.

    For a game that’s ‘essentially dead’ (based on the last post) the economy is still reasonable to gear in, albeit slowly if you’re a free player. Still people in Siwa Island.

    -Forum and ingame events held by GSs are active and have nice prizes
    -Community Discord makes it much easier to get help/Ask questions compared to the forum which has been near dead for most games.
    -Unlimited dungeoning; dungeons aren’t capped so if you can gear up to solo and have the time, go for it!
    -Much friendlier Tiered Spender than other Aeria Games. Tip: Save your clays for a good table (cue: keep your eyes peeled for the player announcements). You can have up to 5 accounts so completing the first teir on all 5 is the best value for money.
    -Dungeon leeching: New players who can be run through a dungeon for a portion of thier gold reward, decent way to build up funds to craft/etc.

    -Many maps to level on so you typically won’t see too many other players till 60+.
    -You should get a guild, can be difficult as a solo player unless you know the ins-and-outs.
    -Some cancerous community members; e.g ‘Don’t play this game, you can get a better one’ yet they’re actively playing.
    -Crafting is trying your patience from level 60 onward.

    I’d say give it a go, find a guild that cares and take your time to learn the game and you might just love it. I did!

  3. Its a shame, ive been playing this game for YEARS but alas, its down to its last stub of a leg.

    In other words: very DEAD.

  4. the game has gone down the hill, if your planning on starting, dont lvl past 91 as there is not much to do other then sit around the main citys all day just talking to people. very bad community when you go 91+, pvp does not start, only 1 dungeon after 94 that has a quest that gives gold. and 1 mutated dungeon. makes you just want to quit and make a new character after you hit lvl 91+

  5. awesome game has many ways to get gold. the level cap s high. it has pets which can make any gesr you’ll need for those who want something cheap and good has events in game and from gm’s so theres usually something to do. the community is great many friendly g’s and players around to help out with questions or other things. has the old fashioned dps tank healing type classes.

  6. It’s a great game for people who are willing to spend some time learning it, however , you’ll need to be more social in the community in order to learn. Great system of GSs who are willing to help. I just hope they fix up pvp and apply a patch to some of the classes that need it and buffs to some that need it. All in all it’s a great experience (underminding the oldish type graphics) great gameplay / combat system.

    ps. the game starts getting enjoyable after lvl 30.

  7. Recently got back into this game and I must say it isn’t as dead as I thought it would be. Decent amount of players running around. PvP is still a mess with the usual over powered players running around in +13-+14 gear but that’s to be expected. Some of the newer level 98 items look like level 60 items…not sure why? Still entertaining and if you don’t want to spend any money just get to a high enough level where you can power level newbies for 500-700g per 30mins. It’ll take you a while but it’s easy money since everyone wants to be plvled on alts and stuff.

  8. I still play this Game. But now.. The 100 Cap is out and this game is.. nyah :/
    It’s sad to see that everything goes bad :/

    I play this game since 2 Years and that’s so sad to see this shit.
    The member go away and everything os going expensive. This shit is so bad -__-

  9. Been playing this game for 4 years now… It really feels sad seeing it going to trash like this. It pretty much became completely pay2play, since if you want to play this game and actually want to have fun, you’ll have to spend real money on it. Well, thats unless you got someone to help you with getting good gear and stuff. PvP has gone really bad, because most of the people go full +18 and use CS pots in all the brackets, even the 21-30 one. Right now, it’s pretty much inpossible for new players to setle in the game, since they pretty much get destroyed in pvp’s and noone wants “unexperienced” and low-geared players in their dungeon grinding parties, so there’s no way for them to get stuff without paying real money. The community sucks too. People are really mean and have huge egos. In such arena like SKFC(Sprite Kings Fight Club) people will just get their 90 friends to spam other players, only cause it’s fun for them. GS are pretty much useless too, they can’t really help with anything, so If you have trouble with your game or somebody it’s just acting mean, I suggest to go right to GMs, they atleast will talk to you about it. Right now, there has been like waaay less players, since alot of the old one’s quit and the new ones doesnt last so long, so they end up giving up at certain levels. The game is dying and it’s only the matter of time when it will be shut down for good.

    • I used to play this game years ago and is probably still one of my favorite free to plays. I stopped playing due to going to college and decided to not play MMOs for a while. I came back to this game and a few players pretty said the same thing. The only way to pass dungeons is to get a level 60+ to run them for you as there are no parties available… ever. The economy within the game went to poop too as it seemed. I gave it a play for 1 day and left again. I hate seeing good games die but that is what happens sadly, especially with aeria.

      Now I just play MOBA’s, cant.’t find a free to play mmo these days that keeps me for more than a week.

  10. If you’re a casual gamer, and playing just for fun-it’s an okay game. If you’re playing for PVP though, you’re gonna rage a lot by the shit community. lmao. People in this game have zero sense of competition. There’s mainly two types of pvpers in this game-undergeared nubs who join arena and give up as soon as it’s remotely challenging and then there’s decently geared players with huge egoes; you kill them once, they bring all their high level friends to spam you. It’s the most retarded community ever; essentially if you don’t suck up the better players, you become targeted constantly by groups of players who can’t stand losing in fair fights. Oh and the management is shit, probably why there’s so much exploiting going on and GMs don’t do shit about it.

  11. Well, i think the game has some improvements. If u ask me, i choose grand fantasia than eden eternal because GF has more events going on and its a lot of fun with lots of pvp and easy to make friends. The graphics could be a little old but oh well! I love the game though ^^ cant live without it lol

  12. ok ive quit Grand Fantasia after 3 years of playing it the game as it is now is bad community, very unbalenced in PvP, Economy, the game is reaching the point where new players just cant thrive without spending hundreds to thousands of dollars just to be able to +18 your gear and play on an even level with everyone else. as i see it the game is reaching its final months as a decent MMORPG before its just unplayable for new players. the price for an SKB4 is like 10-13k i think by now.the Spending Rewards are not worth the money and the m-clay alch is a waste of money. IK Aeria Games is basicly a P2W hosting company so spending a ton of money is expected but the UX server gets the updates and patches last and GM’s are not that nice anymore like they used to be. all in all i suggest look for a different game if you dont want to spend alot of money or want a stable game.

  13. I played this game for like… 12 hours in total? Got lvl 36 on Ranger and I was wandering in the cities a lot.
    The negative thing about this game was the big cooldown on hp and mp pots -_- Really, if you fought mobs the same level as yours (or lower) you were getting hit pretty bad once they got to melee you. As Ranger I used my skills a lot because my crit rate just sucked but, seeing as the mp pots had a long cooldown I always ended up with sitting and waiting for either my mp to recover or the cd to pass. Thsi was very dangerous in an all-aggrevated area.
    This game is very quest and party based so if you start playing it just make a lot of friends from the start.

  14. My Review About This Game:

    – Game Graphics are in anime-style

    – Leveling is easy at the beginning (Lvl. 1 – 30) but becomes harder as you lvl higher.

    – Quests can be repetitive and you have to kill the same monsters again and again.

    * At higher levels you notice that monsters look just the same (clones?) as the
    lower lvl monsters you’ve been grinding before which can make you feel bored.

    * As i said, game requires you to grind for hours when you are at high lvl since it
    takes a lot of exp just to lvl especially when you are at lvl 50 when masteries are
    available (Skill Mastery is a system in the game that you can use to add more
    stat bonus to your character but requires a hell of a lot of experience and each
    mastery requires 2 points).

    * Dungeons are pretty difficult and getting to form a party is somehow very difficult
    because players aren’t much helpful and some would even “troll” on you if you
    ask for help but this can be avoided if you have friends playing this game. You
    can also try to solo dungeons but only if you have the right gears for it.

    – You can fortify weapons to +5 to make them glow and the max fortification limit is +18
    but fail rate is too high and will cause your weapon to break if you aren’t careful.

    – Max lvl limit is now lvl 90 and there are different classes to choose which also gives
    way to different paths for each class (example: Warrior can choose to become a
    paladin or a beserker; a mage can choose to be a necromancer or wizard, etc.)

    – PvP system is somehow broken because of unbalanced system, like for example if
    you do not have +18 weapon/armor someone who have that can actually kill you w/
    a single hit and to make it worse there are people who stack PvP (they say its called
    “strategy” but wtf? how about when overpowered players stack? is that fair?)

    *** Over all I can say this game is a bit pay2win even if it’s FREE-TO-PLAY you need to spend real money if you want to catch up with the players who have been playing this game for a long time.

    Over all score for me for this game: 3.9/5

  15. Have been playing it for over a year. It is slow to level but that means the awesome gear you picked up won’t become crap in 2 or 3 hours of game play. do need to party for dungeons, but there are enough quests you can level up without them..

  16. things have changed in GF recently…
    after the Bodor Gaia server merge on the EN servers to create ponchee… so no more in-game bot/macros anymore
    there is a sprite helper (pet perc) that pots for you automatically when your HP drops blow X%
    lover system… and now i-game marriages
    lvl 90 cap
    getting to 60 really isnt that hard, and it’s not completely a grinding MMO. there are 3 faction famrs with 3 maps for your level until 60 and each map has plenty of quests and goodies!

    as for classes…
    1-5 – Novice
    6-15 – Alcyote /// Hunter /// Fighter /// Spellcaster
    16-30 – Priest /// Archer /// Warrior /// Mage
    31-65 – Sage / Cleric /// Assassin / Ranger /// Paladin / Berserker /// Wizzard / Necromancer
    66-85 – Mystic / Prophet /// Darkstalker / Sharpshooter /// Templar / Warlord /// Archmage / Demonologist
    and now with the 90 patch…
    86-90 – Shaman / Saint /// Windshadow / Hawkeye /// Crusader / Deathknight /// Avatar / Shadowlord

    That’s 33 classes overall o/

    Unique talents system and Ancient talents (Lv66+)

    Admittingly… PvP can be annoying sometimes when someone is stocked up on CS pots (cash shop) but there is multipul PvP and PvE arenas ( Sprite Battelfeild, HellFire Arena, White Sands Arena are all PvP… Trial Maze and Sprite Kings Fight Club for PvE and finally… Terratory wars and Guild War for epic lag battles XD there is also a new 1v1 arena Hall of Judgement which is pretty cool, best of 3 duels)

    Your sprites can now battle with you and use your out-leveled gear and cast skills automatically
    (Skills depend on the “sprite song” on the weapon / cape / acessorie given)

    Fortifying cap is +18 and costs a fair bit of in game gold

    there is a “UnderGround Gold Shop” where you can purchase Cash items for In Game Gold (if you’ve ever played a F2P you should get why this is good for those with a tight wallet but with a clever mind dont lose out on the goodies :P)

    ermm… trying to think what else XD

    Econemy is pretty good due to recent gold sink measures (they’re not too drastic… apart from skills lvl 66+ you’ll be paying 1k gold+ a level)

    no death penalty on maps upto level 20

    you can dual client, (good way to farm money, get a high level and just run yourself dungeons everyday) you dont need sandbo… idk if im allowed to finish that name, but you get the gist XD

    the Aeria Games staff are fairly helpful. you usually get a robotic reply from your Request Tickets (send these when you have a problem) but they actually do help. the GameSage team do do a good job ot making the game more enjoyable for everyone… although sometimes there isnt a GS online and things get hetic in world chat >.<

    the downsides i dont like…
    the RQ'ers…
    fairly laggy on a low spec PC. I can play with an acer extensa 5235… single core… 1gb of ram… no graphics card. yes, it is laggy. i have low FPS but i make do… somehow ^.^
    there is weekly maintenance and there is always bugs to be fixed. nothing serious mind, just localizations and what-not

    im a lvl 80 Darkstalker and i spent so many hours playing this game… i still enjoy it as much as yesterday

    4.4 *'s seems like a legit rating in my opinion overall

    P.S. if you'e looking for an anime themed game, but not quite too sure… have a look at Eden Eternal and Lime Odessey (not release yet)

    happy gaming o/
    (sorry if there was typos)

  17. Can somebody please tell me if grand fantasia will give my a virus on my laptop, I really wanna download this game and I heard it was a awsome game so please tell me the truth.thnx!

  18. If you’re gonna give GF a shot, try to come in with a couple of friends or find a guild. It takes the load of the grind, and its generally more fun(like just about every mmo).

  19. This game is pretty fun.They merged two of the older servers that had the more experienced players into one server called Ponchee.All it needs is more dedicated players.An intricate crafting system is implemented in which you have a Sprite that gathers materials and crafts weapons,armors,or shields for you.You can upgrade gear to +18 if you are a pvper or just +10 for PvE purposes.The class selection is amazing and the Master system is a nice way to spend time getting those passive skills leveled!It is a bit p2w but if you have the time to sell some of your higher level crafted gear you will have enough gold to enjoy this game without spending a dime!

  20. This game was really fun for me, and when u get to lvls 20+ doing dungeons, bosses, and rep quests tend to get harder and more lengthy, so you need a party which is where the social part of the game comes into play- and also if u don’t like grinding and medium-slow paced exp gain and lvling, I wouldn’t suggest this game

  21. Pros: Nice Graphic, In-Game Bot, Lots of quest like seriously, Good Crafting system, Awesome customization option..

    Cons: Over Grindy especially once you reach level 20+, Impossible to Solo in dungeon or to slay Boss monster, not many player compare to other client-based games, Quest may get repetitive after some times..

  22. Grand fantasia is a descent game, however it is really, really slow to level in. You tend to get to level 15 at an average pace, however, gaining levels beyond that is really really annoying. Dont expect to find a decent healer either as the game seems to wish destruction upon the lighter armored classes.

  23. ive played gf for about 5 months on the german server gaia.
    its quite funny altough its grinding mmo. item shop stuff is tradeable and you can get it with ingame gold.


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