At this year’s GDC, Greg Street hosted a panel discussing balancing League of Legends. During the talk, he addressed the problems the developer faces when trying to balance the game for a wide range of players — from newbie to pro.

The nearly hour long talk covers the issues the developer encounters. Street offers examples, as well as tactics used to address those problems. It includes how Riot structures the balance team, how they gather data, and how they respond to player feedback.

There’s quiet a bit of interesting information in the video above. Just set aside a decent amount of time to watch it.

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  1. Lol, marketing is going downhill, the biggest rip off moba I ever seen (chroma skins are a bad joke) ,the community still beeing treated like shit, unless you have a money wallet. Dota brings nothing new to the MOBA industry and the only reason people play this steamy turd is because tournament jackpots are insanely huge, this way hyping the game enough to make people even forget that the game balance issues. I myself prefer Hots over the first two, mainly because I see progress and recently find out we are getting free skins just for playing.

  2. Riot balance team consist of full silver ADC mains who get tilted when something oneshit em while standing in frontline. Rip Rengar

  3. Before you complain about LOL champs go play Dota2, everything is unballanced there and yet we love it! Hahahahaha

  4. Balance is easy. You can have an algorythim that increases or decreases certain stats based on over all match making. They monitize the game by selling “stats” (runes in this game) so you manipulate it and find the “OP” champs (again, purchased). End of story: Good games are EASY to design. But greed ruins them all. We can also talk about their “open game to all pc users, even the laggy ones that ruin matches with DC and lag, but NOT INSTALLING PING FILTERS in the lobbies (LoL is lobby based for anyone paying attention.)” To compensate their mismanagement they push this propaganda of “community control” by image control of banning players, wich ends up a troll tool. In the end: AVOID THIS CANCER GAME.

    • Trash talk, don’t just repeat whatever you read without confirming it. You get enough ingame points to get full set of runes (stats) before you hit the level required to equip them, so It’s actually more a level requirement than a “payment” wall (Heck… tier 2 runes are even FREE ). It’s true that you can buy runes with money too, but no point if you can’t equip them…. So wrong example there. The real problem is when players with different levels are matched together, that shouldn’t happen since the difference in stats early game can define match if used right.
      Agreed with the ping filters tho, that should be a must.
      Same thing with champs, you can pay for them but no point since you can unlock any one just playing the game. And there is a weekly rotation of free champs so you can try them and decide which unlock. If you want all champions available since day 1 yes, pay real money, but why would you if you know how to play well only with 5 – 6 champs (must of people does).
      End of the line: LoL has literally 10 times more players than DOTA, it’s the most played video game in the world (yes, considering consoles too) with around 100 million active players, Guinness record with +20 Million concurrent peak players… Whatever they are doing, it’s working!!

  5. Heres how balancing works in league: Always make a few champs super op and a few champs super weak, this makes people buy all the op champs. Then after a while, switch it up, make all the op champs useless and all the weak champs op so everyone has new champs to buy. repeat until no one plays the game anymore.


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