For a while I would receive questions regarding when the Fallout-style MMORPG Grimlands would be released all the time. The post-apocalyptic MMO from Gamigo originally went into closed beta way back in April, 2012, but almost a year into the cbt it didn’t seem as if Gamigo was any closer to releasing it. Now news has come that Gamigo is flat out cancelling Grimlands with no plans to restart development.

In a post on Gamigo’s Grimlands Facebook page, Gamigo stated that due to “the intensified focus on publishing and distribution and reduction of high-risk development projects” the company decided to not proceed wit development of Grimlands.” The company goes on to say “We are deeply saddened that this step had to be taken, as we would have loved to present you the world of Grimlands.

I think I spent a whole 20 minutes with Grimlands back in its early closed beta state and while most MMORPGs do have a variety of bugs during cbt, it was clear Grimlands was still in a very unfinished state at the time. While I am sure the idea of a new Fallout-style MMO not seeing the light of day saddens many, perhaps I can provide some comfort by reminding everyone the upcoming post-apocalyptic survival MMOFPS Survarium is still in the works and looks very promising. Perhaps even more promising then Grimlands in some respects.

For now Gamigo still has plans to continue publishing their other titles including their other upcoming MMORPG Otherland.

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  1. I can’t believe why there’s no ideal games coming out. I like a new game called Age of Wushu, something like a fancy and real action Kung Fu movie. It’s the innovative combat system made the game.

  2. Well i actually enjoy games thats throws away the concept of lvling. Age of wushu being the frist example i could think of, followed by eve, city of heroes maybe.

  3. I like Gamigo! Black prophecy had a TRUCK load of potential and great war game.
    Its mmorpg titles are great! F2P model is not abused and lot of content! They just did not put love in their games, and let allot rot. This is one of the rare situations where it is the players fault as well. So many immature LoLers, or ex wowers, all those migrating players rished in, ruin the ob launches with thier “omg its not wow” mentality, leave, the publisher doesnt update, and then it is kind of stale…I went back and had allot of fun in war of angels, it is like a poor mans AION. It is great! The first dungeon had game breaking bugs (invisible party members, crashes when zoning in, just not playable content in the dungeon). I met 1……..;1 other player active in the game…No one else played this game…It had great features of day and night (certain npcs slept and could not be seen therefore, etc.) . So much potential just ruined by first impression turd heads, and bad game support. Galigo prefers to pursue new titles and attempts these cheap projects that sort of compete with totdays AAA titles. They need to stop. Take their most POTENTIALLY PRODUCTIVE TITLES, and enhance them. Every mmorpg site said, about black prophecy, great game, but lacks a little in the PVE and story line, we wait the future…the future brought 1 update, and to PvP…XD. damn greedy asians, they never communicate what needs to be done. They just open and shut title.

  4. Hello,
    i write to react at the last statements of article about Otherland. I was waiting for this game very long and i even got into CB test but sadly it looks liek this game just died.

    If you go to otherland forums you can find there that RealU – company behind Otherland had fired 80% of staf and their development of Otherland had been suspended by their company.

    I hope any admin will read this and respond.
    thx in advance.

  5. Gamigo, Gpotato, Perfect World, Aeria gaming, and EA
    these companies need to stop and just give up.
    they can’t run or make a good game without messing it up or cash cowing a broke leg horse.
    They epic fail because they are a boardroom trying to run an arcade instead of a gamer making games for gamers.
    a business man that’s never touched a video game knows as much about pleasing gamers as a virgin knows about pleasing a porn star, they know they want it they just fail at it miserably and then prematurely end before they even start.

    • Why give up? Maybe not Gamigo, but all those publishers make a good profit, and as much as I hate EA, they still publish some of my favorite games (which I boycotted). Giving up at this point in time would be a stupid move. They’re making more money right now then ever, and isn’t that what publishers only care about?

      • Their 3-4 pay2win titles = one good f2p title (LoL, WoT, Dota2, Path of Exile, etc) when it comes to making money and the size of the playerbase.

  6. Why don’t they try at least sell the idea to another company and they put it as DLC… i’m talking about Borderlands since trailer made me remind of it… perhaps they could get at least the money they invested on it… just saying

  7. This game was so long in cb i even forgot about it.
    And i agree with the article Survarium looks very promising. really excited about that game. Second in my most expected games atm.

  8. I’m willing to bet that Gamigo will be bought out soon. It doesn’t look like they’re doing too good. It’s too bad Black Prophecy closed. I thought it was a great game.


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