While Gamigo may have shut down their plans to continue funding the production of the post-apocalyptic MMORPG Grimlands, Drago Entertainment has sought to keep the game afloat via an ambitious Kickstarter. Drago is of course the actual development company behind Grimlands (Gamigo was serving as the financier and publisher) and like any dev team that’s poured years -in this case 5- into a game’s development, they aren’t content standing by and watching their project waste away.

I will admit, their Kickstarter is fairly ambitious, asking for $650,000 to finish. But when were MMOs ever cheap to make? According to the Kickstarter video the game is almost complete needing only to cook a few months more in the development oven. You can watch the official pitch above or check out the full campaign here.

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  1. It actually looks really fun. For all those saying “It’s not doing anything new, take a look at Defiance, very little originality in that game, yet it’s super fun. There are far more unoriginal KS projects you should be bashing on, this is not one of them.

      • Whoever said it’s a terrible game? It does what it wants to do and it does it quite well. So what if it’s nothing original? It’s gameplay is quite solid, fun to play, addictive too. Isn’t that what a good game should be?

        • from little originality to no originality at all, good job with the continuity. What’s wrong with the game you ask ? lets see…

          1. For an open world mmo, it lacks actual open world (firefall did a better job in that, and its still in beta too)
          2. Crafting interface is terrible
          3. repetitive quests
          4. Visual diarrhea (of glitches)
          5. Hello microtransactions

          • Open world is done, worse then firefall, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It feels very much like Rift, which is good. Crafting interface I will more then agree, it was abysmal, glitches can be easily fixed, quests are repetitive, yes, but what did you expect from a third person shooter? And Guild Wars 2 did microtransaction too. Both games are not sub based, the devs need to earn money somehow. And they’re, for the most part fair. I would much rather have fair microtransaction system, then subs. But there are far, faaaar worse issues in the game then the ones you listed (party system, repetitive, stupid mobs, only 2 weapon slots, very little UI info given out to the player), but even then, the game is still engaging, fun, and again, it does what it wants to do quite well. I can understand your hate for it, I can accept it’s mistakes, but Defiance is far from a terrible game.

          • Are you that desperate to get a reply ? wow, such a sad sad kid, and defiance is still terrible nonetheless, for an mmo that boasts “open world”, it doesn’t have open world, only segmented worlds, which is already a big minus to that claim, and the rest, you pretty much said it yourself already (so i don’t think i need to repeat it at all). The game itself is pretty unfinished and needs more polish in lots of parts (and the fact that it urges players to wait for the tv series to go on for new updates is rather meh)

          • Well I can see you’re good with continuity, as you don’t seem to say anything other then “Lacks open world” when it doesn’t and bring up very little reason to why the game is terrible. Lacks open world? Have you played the game? Everything is centered around the open world. And what do you mean desperate for a reply? You started an argument, be a man and finish it.

          • alright, since my time has freed up, this is the problems on why i think that defiance is terrible;

            1. been there done that – everything in defiance has been done already in many other mmo shooters (hello borderlands and global agenda)

            2. Terrible AI – enemies standing infront of you willingly take gunfire, so much fun *sarcasm*

            3. No Clipping Mobs – every now and then they love to swim through concrete and walls

            4. Easy mobs – play the terrain right, and no enemies shall hit you

            5. Abysmal inventory interface – The inventory screen is a big list of text, could’ve been done better by seperating each item and weapon types to their own tabs

            6. 2 weapon slots only – lots of weapon varieties, but we can only bring 2 ? that’s bollocks (though this is still a problem with other shooters)

            7. opening menu mid fight = death – the menu screen takes up the whole screen and if you accidentally press this while battle

            8. FOV locked

            9. Feels like ported game – the game felt like it was made with consoles in mind

          • Good reasons, I can very much relate to you, the 2 weapons slots is a major minus in the game, if not the biggest. I am skeptical, however, that these will be fixed. Defiance is a bitter-sweet game, I know it has major problems, but it’s still fun. As for it not being too original, Guild Wars 2 wasn’t very innovative, but it was solid in what it wanted to do, it didn’t jump from one idea to another, it stayed inside a box, but a sturdy, well built box. Defiance is the same, only rushed. Not enough was fixed, many things were left unattended. Grimlands looks very much like that, except for understandable reason, worse. Besides, Defiance is most likely going to go free to play anyway, in tee minus…

  2. Man why all the bashing. I was looking forward to this. It looks like a cool game & I am very board of all the fantasy based mmorpg’s out there. It is time for something different. We need a good post apocalyptic game besides Hellgate global wich is AWESOME & Fallen earth wich is meeh. I say let them go for it & i will give it a shot when it comes out.

  3. Monthly fee? Ah…If only they made it F2P after all this crap. Hell, I hope Fallout online will appear one day and then I’ll certainly make my final decision about post-apocalyptic mmos.
    P.S: I’ve noticed that doors on vehicles are properly opened. Weird that such a big game Defiance didn’t used that. I hate that “sucked in” effect when u enter vehicle.

  4. Monthly fee? Ah…If only they made it F2P after all this crap. Hell, I hope Fallout online will appear one day and then I’ll certainly make my final decision about post-apocalyptic mmos.
    P.S: I’ve noticed that doors on vehiches are properly opened. Weird that such a big game Defiance didn’t used that. I hate that “sucked in” effect when u enter vehicle.

      • …and with that comment I don’t want to play lol.
        Fallen Earth, could be an awesome game but, too many friggin bugs, it’s more infested with bugs than a decomposing pig.

  5. its to far from being complete, this game have such awful animations, give it 2 years to be polished in to something, but in that time no one will be intresten in this game.

  6. It all depends on how “free” it is. If they need $650K to finish, and they somehow get it… I hope they don’t do what every other developer does and make you pay to even play half the content in their “free” game.

    If you say it’s free, make it free.

  7. 650k in 24 days for a game that pretty much plays like other post-fallout games is too ambitious to me, i can’t see any way this would work out in the end


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