Guild Wars 2 Nevermore Staff

Guild Wars 2 is getting a whole bunch of new shiny bits when Heart of Thorns launches in 11 days. The shiniest bits of all will, of course, be the game’s new legendary weapons, which were profiled, along with a primer on how they’ll be obtained, in today’s dev blog post.

The development of these weapons was a long time coming, requiring years’ worth of meetings and plans and schedules, and there’s still more to do. Only three new legendaries — the axe Astralaria, the pistol H.O.P.E., and the staff Nevermore — will be in the game at HoT’s launch, with more to follow. They’ll follow a similar path to creation, though one that substitutes more HoT-themed components and achievements than their previous brethren.

Naturally, the necessity of different components will lead to some radical shifts in the game’s economy, which ArenaNet’s in-house economist John Smith addressed in a separate post. He also briefly discussed changes to how salvaging will work as well as other balances to rewards from dungeons and map completion. I’m sure it will all be greeted enthusiastically and absolutely nobody will complain about prices on the trading post!

Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.


  1. you guys clearly haven’t played the game or did that for 1 month got to lvl 80 and stopped. well this game starts at lvl80 and has a lot to offer even without the expansion which is not overpriced aswell thinking about how much free changes we’ve already been given.

    But yea DONT rate a game you think to know , if you don’t like the game don’t comment cause this is about a few small ingame changes.

    go back to your RIFT or WoW or whatever game which makes you politely empty your pockets and look outdated and yes i have played both for a longer time and yes this games will suit you haters

    • This game is NOT one of the “game starts at end game” types of games.

      I wanted to love GW2, played in right when it launched with all the hype, got 3 chars to max level… then found out that mostly everything at endgame is cosmetic and “clump up and zerg everything” content.

      I’m sorry, but this game is the opposite of normal MMOs where the game starts at endgame, it pretty much ends at endgame.

  2. I just can’t do it… This game is soo bad. I have made end game RIFT, WOW, Even tapped out near level 100 in PWI…and I don’t think those are endurable games…but GW2 I just can”t get into and complete. It just feels so badly made. Piss poor quest system (there are no quests, just exploring and doing random things). This leads to “Epic story progress…ok take a LONG pause between levels and exploring…ok where were we? Shal we continue the story? Do you even still care?? nope.”.
    Horrid level scaling. When you explore fo that extra exp loot, and coin (absolutely necessary) at least tie in some of the meaning as to why you even exist. It is just “ok, look at the pretty. kill the things…but not in a one shot because ou are 1000 levels higher, but take your sweet time”…And I drudge through level 1-20 maps on my level 30… Just let me go through faster… Had they scaled the shops to where I can discover my level items I would enjoy it. But with just the enemies scaled down, the whole experience is a useless masked way to gather needed currency.
    Combat is meh. Hot bar design is poop. Think about this. Last update we got over 20 new skills in the form of “specializations”. Any one ever read those? “Survival = poison skills”…what? SHouldn’t it be “healing?” it is like they had a bucket of skills and ran into that: “Oh shit, we HARD FUSED the hot bar 1-5 with weapon load outs, and 9-0 is super limited based on class…ughhh boss…We can’t give players new skills unless they are all passive tress …” And boom they made “specializations” …. Most people don’t see that. They just log in: “I Spent money on eye candy YAYAY!”
    Eye candy it is to a limit. Any one notice at times the humanoids look like they got pooped out of a 1995 game? THe females are ugly and its just dissapointing from a company that sold it’s franchasie on the humanized player models (Hence, guild wars)…they knew they wanted longevity so they chose cartoon over realism, and to compensate, they added beasts and ugly alien gnome things as a race. Think about it… on their box covers they sold their games with sexy human models. Now…A dragon, and crapy human models. barf. And this game is so fan boid up because it was a “buy to play genious model” and still voted top game on mmorrpg dot com LOL fail.

  3. Expansion is NOT worth it, stupid weapon, crap dungeon, and a class that SUCCCCKS. Play WildStar free to play its WAY better. Whoever comments otherwise is a HEP-C carrier and shouldn’t be trusted!

    • Wild star is not that good , lvl , 43 player here , Everyclass uses guns so the point of the game is to use guns and spam skills , is not even good , people will quit wildstar after a few years .

      • what kind of argument is that people will quit wildstar after a few years? people quit all games after a few years. and yes wildstar is very good. lvl 47 gun slinger here.

        • Good luck playing your no skill “lemme dodge this OBVIOUS attack” game. Seriously, just because you think the game you are playing is fun does not make it better by far. I have more experience in the mmo scene than the clowns that run this site.

          Neither of the games are good. Just different variations of something you are already used too.

          GW2 and Wildstar also have the Fashion crap… you know this right? You’ve actually played them both to judge them properly.. right? No? Yeah… thought so.

  4. “The development of these weapons was a long time coming, requiring years’ worth of meetings and plans and schedules, and there’s still more to do”

    Are you saying it took them years to create these 3 legendary weapons? I really hope i am just interpreting that wrong because that says so much about the development team behind GW2

    • You still have to buy it. They only made the core game free to play with restrictions but Heart of Thorns you have to end up buying it.

    • But on the long run they said that the next expansion they’re gonna put HoT in the bundle with the core game too.

      So it could be that even the expansion will become F2P in the distant future.


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