Guild Wars 2 HOPE

Guild Wars 2 is prepping a new legendary weapon for the game, a shortbow called Chuka and Champawat. When it shows up in the Spring Update, it’ll be the fourth new legendary introduced to the game since the Heart of Thorns expansion — and, for a while at least, the last.

As ArenaNet President-turned-Game Director Mike O’Brien explained on the forums, the team has decided to stop creation of new legendary weapons for the time being to better focus on Living World content updates. O’Brien admits it’s a “controversial decision,” especially since legendary weapons were a big selling point of the expansion — not to mention that ArenaNet’s not so great at putting things on the back burner in GW2 and then getting back to them later.

On the other hand, legendary weapons are a relatively small, though very flashy, part of the game, so maybe they won’t be missed too badly. It just all depends on how long the delay is and what players receive in return for their patience.

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