This week has really been the week for beta/release news hasn’t it? What with SMITE going into open beta, ArcheBlade kicking off its second closed beta test, DK Online launching, and Scarlet Blade starting alpha testing. No reason to stop the beta train now though, so without further adieu I present the GUNS and ROBOTS open beta!

If you need a refresher as to what GUNS and ROBOTS is all about you need only look at the name. It’s a multiplayer shooter involving myriads of guns and the robots who wield them! The game is all about your ability to create zany robots utilizing thousands of parts and weapons in order to craft a fully custom death machine. The game offers a surprising amount of depth and customization despite choosing a very over-the-top almost toyish artstyle. The gameplay itself sort of gives off a “Mechwarrior Lite” feeling to it, with players able to damage each other in individual areas while managing their ammo and battery levels.

You can check out our first impressions above or try it out yourself here.

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  1. Matt on January 29, 2013

    You like MechWarrior?! Where players starts with 4 DEMO robots that expires after 30 days and you have to by new ones for something like 50 bugs!!..No thanx, this game is better.

  2. Josh on January 29, 2013

    Great game, I like it much. And no, its not empty. Its populated, just pick you hour of playing carefuly.

  3. Shucks on January 28, 2013

    Not a bad game, just nobody playing it.

  4. Erzebeth on January 27, 2013

    Good idea, poor game. No level restriction on weapon or matchmaking. No game modes beside 4 vs 4 arena. Starting weapon have 2 – 4 damage, pay weapon have 20 -30. Total pay to win. Drop a 5$ to buy a machinegun and p0wn noobs all day if its your idea of fun. I wish them to fail quickly as a lesson on not how to design monetizing in a F2P title.

    • Grubi on January 27, 2013

      tried, played and uninstaled it

      reasons are obvius, just as u said

  5. swestiNL on January 26, 2013

    Nice idea ..

    but this game wont take long is to slow games are to short.
    there are far better games out there hawken mech is far better and has same idea.

  6. noki on January 26, 2013

    its kinda slow isnt it? for a robot fps i kinda expected it to be uhh faster

  7. pyfs on January 25, 2013

    this game was a good idea but it should be a mobile game or something you have to wait upwards to 5mins for at least 8 people to join to start a game and not that many people even play. but i would bet if they decided to make this an mobile game they would have success.

  8. ZhaoYun on January 24, 2013

    this game is way too slow for me to play but whoever likes it and think he will try it gratz on the ob i quess

  9. Adrian87 on January 24, 2013

    Just read the mail to. Interesting is that: “Your Closed Beta Account will no longer be valid. You can create a new account at…” LoL. This guys dont joke with the wipes. =))

  10. montré en français on January 24, 2013

    name says it all

  11. Cacalips on January 24, 2013

    Mou(mounted)nted inside mounted.

  12. dagudman on January 24, 2013

    — — ..- -. – . -..
    Mounted in morse code!

  13. 1ManWolfPack on January 24, 2013


    mounted upside down! RAWRRRRR

    • ThatGuy on January 24, 2013


      mounted backwards! get on my level

      • C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER on January 24, 2013


        • removalmitt on January 25, 2013

          when you start playing it locks you in a boring tutorial (well I couldn’t get out of it)

          really slow pace, nothing in sticks out for me (haven’t played for long but it’s enough for me to know whether it’ll keep me interested, cowboy robot gimmick or not….)

          I’ll maybe give it another go when it’s live otherwise there are better shooters out there