GunZ 2 North American Open Beta Announced

Michael Dunaway
By Michael Dunaway, News Editor Posted:

MAIET has finally announced the open beta date for the third-person shooter GunZ 2. Ok, so we didn't actually get a date, but we did get a month which is better than nothing right? The shooter which originally launched in Korea back in 2011, will begin open beta testing on Steam sometime in December.

GunZ 2 has already begun closed beta testing in Taiwan and Europe, with plans for at least 1 closed beta test in North America before the open beta launch. The game will launch in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Korean with the option to choose between English and Korean voices.

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Discussion (23)

ryomaec 9 years ago
Gunz2 looks boring i want gunz1 back ^^

Kev 9 years ago
If there is no k-style or BF... i want gunz 1 back

Deelaw 9 years ago
Nothing will be as good as the old one.. :'( just gotta hope the new one is fun to play..looks like it will be. Still R.I.P GunZ the Duel.

RenTheRose 10 years ago
omg I cant wait to see if we this will be as good as the old one or not

JinJinx 10 years ago
About time! I remember playing this around 2004, back then they were just starting to toy around with a class system. Glad to see this again with better graphics.

Ivaylo 10 years ago
I hope there will be no hackers like the first game..... one of the reasons i stopped playing it

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BULLSH*T 10 years ago
this is all bullshit i meen all thoice games eu/an versions thay dont have to do that a game can be hostedi n eu and runned world wide so its all jsut bullshit to teaz people ....know what i quit gaming.

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ugurano 10 years ago
good game with warframe

Mgamer 10 years ago
I hope they make more classes. looking forward to the game.

Wazzap! 10 years ago
I used to love this game, it was one of the first online games that I played for real.
I remember whoever used the cash shop had mega fire swords of doom and whoever didn't pay was only there to make the people o pay feel better with themselves...
Somehow it didn't bother me backthere...
Can't wait to give this one a try!

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Dragon 10 years ago
Oh yeah!! FINALLY!! >:D

Nick 10 years ago
I think we all know that a lot of teen-aged boys will be playing the female characters and looking underneath the skirts because from what I saw in the trailer it is possible. But it is a Japanese game so what do you expect?

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Gatko 10 years ago
So cool, make it fast to eu too!!!!!!

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Ero-Shinigami 10 years ago
Omg that first map, is the same of the first Gunz? Damn so many memories, in fact of being raped by ppl with swords jumping like monkeys...good times...Well, looking forward to it!

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