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Last week, we put up a poll asking MMOBomb readers which game(s) they would most like to see go free-to-play. You responded, and the results were pretty evenly spread out among a handful of games. Maybe it was the header image we used for the poll article, or maybe it’s all the coverage we’ve given it, but in the end, Overwatch came out on top, by a narrow margin.

Blizzard’s competitive team shooter launches on May 24, and its long period of uncertainty got many people thinking it would be free-to-play right out of the gate. As a result, it garnered 20% of the vote, narrowly edging out Daum Games’ Black Desert Online (18%), another game that was thought to be a lock for a F2P business model.

A pair of well-established subscription-based MMORPGs, Final Fantasy XIV (13.5%) and World of Warcraft (12.7%), were next, followed by The Elder Scrolls Online, with 10%. No other game received more than 5% of the votes cast. Here are the full results:


So, how did the poll match up with your personal wishes?


  1. Keep it B2P.

    If there is anything I’ve learned from F2P games is that its community is 9/10 times ruined by kids and hackers who can just create another account and hop on to play again. B2P doesn’t necessarily gets rid of this but it definitely minimizes it. Also to you f*cks you say this game will be going F2P: It won’t. Its made by Blizzard so that should tell you enough, and It’s already quite popular so I doubt it will go F2P.

    • Agreed. I think they should keep this game buy 2 play if they turn it free 2 play it will just get ruined by kids at least with a buy 2 play model it will be minimized to a degree. But the dis advantages of free 2 play business model MMOs usually has a shady cash shop or a VIP membership service of some sort. Well it’s what I normally see when I’ve checked out free 2 play MMOs.

  2. Does this mean the thoughts of only Twenty people make a game want to be free? like team fortress2? o: I feel like it’s going to happen again. Only tf2 is more enjoyable.

  3. F2P just ruin games, because it need microtransactions. And thats most of the time ‘Pay 2 Win’ and a game that’s B2P got better quality.


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