GW2, SWTOR Guide Site Breaks Long Radio Silence


In the early parts of the last decade, if you wanted help finding that hidden holocron in Star Wars: The Old Republic or navigating a difficult jumping puzzle in Guild Wars 2, chances are you visited MMORPG guide supersite The site’s curator, Dulfy, posted guides to new content releases (for the above games as well as The Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 76) almost the instant they went live for a variety of popular new (at the time) MMOs for years. She was even recognized for her diligence by getting a character named after her in one of the games she covered. went silent about a year and a half ago, however, with the site’s last content being posted in April 2019. While some site visitors understandably feared the worst, those concerns were laid to rest in an update posted yesterday from co-collaborator masterkiller, which started off by saying that “Dulfy is doing well!” but has “stepped away from content writing for now”:

“She has opened a new chapter in her life and there isn’t as much time for gaming and content writing as she had before.”

The exact reason Dulfy’s absence isn’t stated, though one commenter on Reddit said that it’s because she had a child, which is reason enough for anyone to not have as much time to pursue leisure activities. Dulfy has left open the possibility of returning to the redesigned site, which is now in the hands of masterkiller, who ran their own SWTOR sites before joining


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